A suggestion for Console Holdings

@nithin The new Console Holdings is really good. It has some great insights.
I have a small request though:- Can it also show the script/ MF wise percentage allocation of the total portfolio?

E.g. If I have two MF in my Equity MF holding with total 10k invested as under, it would show the % allocation too:-

UTI Nifty Next 50 | Rs 6000 | 60% of Equity MF holding.
UTI Nifty 50 | Rs 4000 | 40% of Equity MF holding.

and so on, which would help us understand what % of the total investments is allocated to which MF or script.

@Nakul let us speak about it tomorrow.

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Please make user interface like kfinkart app of karvy where asset allocation between debt and equity can be seen percentage wise.

Have you seen the new holdings visualization on Console?


The visualization gives you an option to visualize sector and stock exposure using the underlying stocks of the mutual funds you own as well.

We will announce this with a post on how to use this feature in the next couple of days.


We couldn’t really incorporate what you asked on the donut chart. But we have added a weight section on the table. So when you select Equity MF in filter, it shows % weightage.

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Thanks @nithin and team for the consideration.
The “% weight” column is good enough for representation. Pie chart is not important for it. That is an add on.

But I have an observation. The %weight column is visible only when I choose equity MF. Shouldn’t it be for universal holding as well as when I apply filters?

E.g. if I have invested in Reliance, when entire holding is selected (without any filters) it would show %weight of Reliance wrt to the entire holding amount.

Now, when I choose Equity as filter, it would show %weight of Reliance amongst the Equity shares only (it would not consider Equity MF, Debt, Gold etc in the total holding).

Similarly, if I have a UTI Nifty MF, and no filter is applied, it would show %weight of UTI Nifty MF wrt to entire holding.

And when I filter as Equity MF, it would show the %weight of UTI Nifty MF amongst the equity MF holdings.

Let me know your thoughts on the above.

@nithin didn’t hear from you on adding “% Weight” column for all whether you apply a filter or not.

Also, I suspect the download as excel button has a glitch. The downloaded excel file is not showing holdings as per the filter you choose. Please get it checked. Thanks.

@Nakul can you check on these.

Hi @Nakul, did you look into it?

Hey @rupeshmandal, we’re working on this. There are a few other aspects that needs to be handled for this to work seamlessly. We should have it up in a few days.