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Streak is a platform, that allows you to create, backtest and deploy trading algorithms live in the market, without coding.


I saw the different criteria available in streak. I have a few questions.

  1. If I want to add a criteria where supertrend turns positive, how can I do it in streak?
  2. Is it possible to add a criteria which says open price higher than high price of previous X number of days/hours/minutes?
  3. Is it possible to add a criteria which says volume higher than average volume of previous X number of days/hours/minutes?

Is there any technical support available for streak?

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Hi Ajinkya,
Thank you for your questions.

  1. Click on create algo in the menu bar on top.
  2. Start by adding stock name and choose candle intervals.
  3. Select buy or sell and the number of stocks.
  4. If your strategy is to buy when supertend indicates buy, then In the indicator field select Supertrend lower than close.
    or If your strategy is to sell when supertend indicates sell, then In the indicator field select Supertrend higher than close.
  5. add exit condition by giving stoploss % and target profit %
  6. Give a name to your algo and run backtest

For further support, kindly mail to [email protected]

Team Streak

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Hi. I have a few questions about back testing. While I thoroughly enjoyed the features, there isn’t any feature to backtest Futures or options for say last 12 months. Or am I missing something?

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you can allow adding sector specific/index specific to find the opportunity
why only ‘N’ number of stocks?

Hi Sashidhar,

Wrt back testing, you can backtest stock for the last 5 years using the day candle. Future contracts can be backtested for 3 months on the day candle and one month for the rest of the candle intervals, as long as the contract is actively traded . We currently do not support options.
Team Streak

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Hi Manny,

Thank you for writing to us.

We are currently rolling out features in stages, the features you have requested for will soon be made available on the platform.


can it be converted to automated trading from algo trading?
One more thing defining the number of stocks is not a wise idea because share price of each and every stock is different, instead, you must ask how much capital we need to invest on single trade.


Auto trading requires regulatory approvals, we will let you know once you can do that. We have noted your feedback on number of stocks v/s initial capital

Thanks for your reply. I had 2 more questions.

  1. Is it possible to add a criteria which says open price higher than high price of previous X number of days/hours/minutes?
  2. Is it possible to add a criteria which says volume higher than average volume of previous X number of days/hours/minutes?
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Hi Ajinkya Relekar,

Could you please write to support[@]streak.tech along with your contact details.

Hi! I want to know how do I put CMP against a comparator?
For ex. ZEEL “CMP” “Above/below” “RSI 7”

Hi Adarsh,

Pls write to write to support [@] streak.tech with you phone number to help us understand the query better.


I have started using streak and I have question.

1.when I select a NFO-FUT why is there a option to fill the quantity? it should be the future lot size right?
2.Should we give same quantity as that of lot size for that stock?
3.when I deploy my algo live for a NFO-FUT MIS what is the margin required if the trade alert needs to be executed?


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Hi Shiva,

When you select future contracts, you need to mention the lot size as quantity to create the algo eg: for nifty you need to mention 75 as quantity ( 1lot ) for bank nifty 40 as quantity.
The best feature of streak deployment is that we do do not block any margin when you deploy. In the above eg: margins are blocked by kite once you place the order by clicking on the actionable alert.


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There is something wrong with algo (correct me if I’m wrong)
I backtested 10/20 ema crossover strategy, and it is showing unexpected behavior

On 17th Nov. it never reached the price which is being shown in backtest, similarly on 21st Nov. again it never reached the price which is reflected in backtest trade
Secondly, crossover took place on 12th oct which was not catched by it
Thirdly, trade is consistently in profit from 12th oct and it is showing a loss of 9.5% whereas I put a sl order at 1%

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Hi Manny,

We ran the strategy “BUY 10 shares when 10 EMA crosses above 20 EMA.” and the following were the trade results.

Results look fine when we are trying to replicate the issues faced by you, if you can write to use on [email protected], we can assist you more closely.


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  1. If we have placed an SL of 1% then why there is an inconsistency with respect to loss (shouldn’t it be 1%).
  2. It is placing orders at that rate which weren’t even achieved on that day (Kindly have a precise look at the price on the transaction date).
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  1. The SL order during a backtest currently is executed at the close price of the candle subsequent to the candle which triggered the SL (this is done to accommodate a fixed slippage) , also note that a SL currently is triggered by the close price of a candle, so for a long candle the price already has fell below 1%. We will be soon releasing a toggle to turn on and off the slippage.
  2. It places the order at the price of the next candle’s close of the selected time period, can you try re-running you backtest and mailing us the screen short at [email protected] so we can closely look at the exact doubts you have and rectify them at the earliest.


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i am having difficulty in understanding stop loss and target profit in % terms.

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