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Hello Arj,

The stop loss and target profit % is calculated on the entry price of the position ( once the order is placed). You will be able to see the SL and TP trigger price in the deployed page after you have entered the position.


It would have been more useful if indicator based exit criteria were provided rather than % which kills the purpose.
Another point i would like to add is that there should be an option for both buy & sell during creation of algo. Running 2 separate algos one for buy and another for sell is not very convenient as it will reduce our backtest numbers for no apparent reason. Moreover running single algo with both buy & sell signal will prevent us from being biased about market direction.


Exit based on Indicators will be released on 1 March 2018.


hello streak… is it possible to back test , my strategy with heikenashi candles, present there is only one type candles



Currently we are releasing features in stages, what you have mentioned will be coming up in futures releases really soon.



What is the leverage for Intraday Trading on @Streak


Hi Abhilash,

Streak is an extension to Kite, you are essentially placing order in Kite when you get a notification, so Kite Intraday leverage applies.


Leverage is either of Bracket order or MIS??.As Bracket order and MIS has huge leverage Difference…


You won’t be able to place bracket orders on Streak. All orders on Streak carry an immediate SL M order, which you can choose to place or cancel.


Then how much leverage will I get for Intraday Trading???


Hi Streak ,
Please check server response and load balancing for Streak Website. It is taking so much time to get loading.
and Most of the time It is only showing LOADING with progress bar.

Please check this.


Hi Nandan,

We request you to check your internet connection. Also, Streak is an extension to Kite we request you to check if you are able to login to kite.



Is the initial capital that you show a requirement or can I have a lesser capital and still enable Streak Algo?


initial capital is a hypothetical capital . The margin requirement for any trade is as same as Kite as you are placing orders on kite. Eg :you can have as less as 1000 Rs to take trading positions.


I have couple of suggestions

  1. Please include algo trading for commodities as well
  2. pivot points trading , for e.g buy on nearest support pivot point and sell on nearest resistance
  3. trailing stop loss option


We have taken your suggestion. Thank you


Hello sir, i have a query regarding application is that?

streak only give Notification when our algo is successful, or will it be directly given trade signal?

i wish only signal, not to trade directly…
please suggest, as i am new to algo, and not to apply my trade directly…

One more thing we cant not initiate any algo from mobile appliaction.


Sir , we generate signals and sent it. Its up to you to take position or not . You can check out our youtube channel for demo videos



I have created the following algo on streak, but the results don’t match with charts on kite.

ENTRY: Buy 10 shares when MACD(12,26,9) crosses above MACD signal(12,26,9) and +DI(14) higher than -DI(14) and ADX(14) crosses above 20.0 or ADX(14) higher than 20.0.

EXIT: Sell 10 shares when MACD signal(12,26,9) crosses below MACD signal(12,26,9) or at a Stop loss of 4.0% or Take profit of 16.0%.


Is there something wrong with algo or is it any other issue?

Thanks in advance,


my mistake, the exit signal is incorrect.