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Dear Streak Team…
I still don’t understand “Opening Range” concept…
Would you please define it?
I’ll construct Algo myself… I just want to understand the concept…

@SagarG , The opening range is the range of high and low prices that a scrip price rises/falls within during the first few minutes or hours of daily trading activity, eg: Open range (high,15min) means high of first 15mins of the market, similarly opening range volume will give you volume traded during some time range at market open. Opening ranges are important to technical analysts and day traders because they can provide an indication of sentiment and price trend for the day, source investopedia.

it is already nov 18. have you released that?

hello Streak team

i need to have algo for the below setup
i need to take the position after 2:00 and if it break the day high the day high should be between 9:15 to 2:00 then it should buy and stoploss 1% and profit 1%

Please help

Dear Sir,

We are currently adding the day high and low indicator, once released, you will be able to use it to create this algo.


Can we create algos on option contracts in Streak?

I tested it in Kuants on 1.5 years of historical data at 1 minute level, but results are no good…Maybe I was trying a wrong stock.

Formula: ft_max(high,0 ,285)<close
ft_max give the maximum value of the parameter, in this case, high price; that occurred from the start of the trading day(0 min) to 2:00 pm(285th minute).
Find the screen shots of the settings

Find the screen shots of strategy code:

the UI of Kuants is very bad but it gives extensive testing on long data. Maybe you can ask them for a demo.

Hi streak…

Is there any option to the set the day candle open and close time as 9:15 to 3:00 pm.

Let us say if engufing pattern is formed by end of 3:00 pm during the whole day,any way to get the signal from streak?

Hi @REVANTH, you cannot do this in Streak currently.

Hi @Gaurav_Bhatnagar, Streak does support option contracts. It supports Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodities Future contracts.

is steak back Testing work by candle by candle or Tick by Tick ?

Hi @KiranTrader,

Streak considers Candle OHLC data while backtesting. You can backtest 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30 min and 1 hr and 1 day candle data in Streak.

so candle by candle, can i backtest 15m using 1m candles?
is doing tick by tick best or timelength graph candles best?
which one is accurate ?

As mentioned in the previous reply, you can do this.

Both can be accurate if the data is accurate.

I am trying to create a strategy where if the first 2 min candle (9.15 to 9.17) is a green candle, buy should trigger. trade time is 9.17 to 9.18
As there is no option for 2 min candle I guess, I am using below code in 1 min setting
prev close higher than prev n(open, -2, min) but in backtest it is triggering even when the 2 min candle is red. Can you guide what am I doing wrong

Hi @B_Singh !

Please use the conditions as shown in the image to do create and backtest strategy as per your requirement. Let us know for any further help :

I have been using streak for a couple of weeks now and I am using the 3 months ultimate plan.
I have back tested a few strategies. I have also created a basket of my favorite stocks. Before deploying I want to know, if I deploy the same strategy for my basket.

if, on a 15 min candle all the conditions are being met for 6 stocks out of my entire basket,
will the plug-in be able to take positions on all the 6 stocks simultaneously ?

I think you posted duplicate, but here is the response thread.

Is there any mobile application to trade automatically ?
for android users ?

I don’t think so anything is there for android users.