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hello sir, through mobile application we can’t generate any algo, why??
how to generate algo?

when we click on alerts, nothing wil show?


Streak has only released a notification App. Create, backtest and deploy is not available on this app.

If you have deployed an algo using streak website and if signal is triggered only then a notification is sent.

We are in the process of releasing a full fledged app in coming months.


Do you plan to add stocastics momentum indicator?

Also i want to add condition like buy when +DI(10) crosses above +DI(15). This does not seems possible.


Great tool. Addictive!
Can I get more backtests per day? Maybe a small subscription fee or something? Thanks.


@streak …any chance to implemet with mcx…i need badly for mcx…please enable it or any idea if this can happen in future…or i might have to find others option…thanks


Hi Navin,

It planned in the releases going ahead.



Hi Rohit,
Stochastic momentum indicator will be released in the next release in the coming week, stay tuned.

The +DI(10) and -DI(5) is absolutely possible.
If you are not able to do it, send us a mail to support@streak.tech.


@streak any idea how long this mcx service would be activated??..mcx is pure techincal trading so their would be best



Yes plus di (10) can be compared with minus di (5) but
Plus di (10) cannot be compared with plus di (5)


Streak team, while doing backtesting on OLH concept, I need to check only on open ,high,low price at 9:15. Currently I used 1 minute candle and it executes for any candle in day time. So how could I restrict that it should be only for when market opened.


This feature will be released in the coming months


Streak is not working from yesterday. Whenever I run the backtest I am getting the below message. I have tried with different time frames & date range but getting the same message.

“Unable to fetch data for the given backtest period, kindly try again with smaller period or after some time”

Streak team please look into this.



This has been enabled.


Our services have functioning properly, your issue might be localised to only you account. We request to write to support[@]streak.tech with screenshots so we can assist you in resolving this.



I had started free trail of streak. Will I be billed from 1st April for paid version. I don’t want to use streak


Your billing starts only from 1 July 2018.


Hello Streak Team,

Today I tried to use Streak. But it ask me to place order there. Is there any option that it automatically placed order. Just a notification me that order placed Or square off?


Hi Kamal_Kishore
Streak is algo trading platform and not auto trading. Automated trading requires regulatory approvals which we are working on. Currently, we generated notification when the algo condition is met.


Hello Streak team, Good news that streak has brought, is streak available for mcx as well?


Hi Shashank,

Currently we have equities and futures available.
We will be enabling MCX in near future.