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When would options data be live on streak . It’s such a innovative way of placing order but no options data included … all my systems are on options could you please include options data atleast nifty and banknifty for beta ?


Options will be included in few months.


Hello Streak team,

When I am selecting 90 days period or 1 year period for back testing then ! month is selected. how can I select back test period of 1 year.



Hi Sandeep7,

While selecting the candle interval in create page if you choose 1 to 30 mins candle interval, the backtest runs for 1 month and if you select 1 hour the backtest runs for a year and a day candle runs for 5 years.


@nithin @Streak just saw the video, I am impressed. It’s so cool.
All the best for the Team Zerodha and @Streak and for the traders who are gonna use it.


Just subscribed to streak


@Streak Just came to know about this. I have been looking for conditional order.

Example - If NF crosses 10800, I want to purchase 10900CE in options at a predefined price. Again if it goes below 10790, I want to exit the order. Is it possible with streak ??

Please note that I don’t want any coded strategy, my strategy is simply based on NF crossing a certain price then take call options or put options.


Streak supports Stocks and Futures. It is possible to use "at price " indicator to buy an index future in a range ( price band ) but you wont be able to buy options using Streak.


Hi Can we see more chart type in streak (such as renko or kagi chart)


Hi ,

We will be adding different chart types in few months.


I gave stoploss 0.5 % and target profit 1.5%. After backtesting the algo some script go to loss up to -12% where as some go to profit up to 14%. Why?How is it possible after setting stoploss 0.5 % and target profit 1.5%


@Streak I have a suggestion about Deployment.

Today I had deployed some 16 algos for testing… now, as and when I wanted to stop these algos…It took me long time to get out as I had to click on each one of them and wait for confirmation. Can you just provide select all for deployment section? just like the way I can select stocks while deploying from Backtest.

I felt, I had to spend too much time stopping algos ( almost 10 minutes) instead of quick exit and quick new deployment.



Hi SureshG,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will pass on this suggestion to the Tech team and if it can be done, we will keep you posted.



When 5 conditions are given in the algo with one OR function and 4 AND functions, entry signals are generated even when only one condition is met.details given in the screenshot…can u please clarify on the issue?


Is this feature added?


Yea this feature is there you can use opening range indicator with candle interval 1min and access the desired OHLC values of the first candle of the day.



We have explained this in the manual.
You can read how it works here https://help.streak.zerodha.com/create/#combining-entry-conditions-with-andor


Hi Rahul,

This is possible because a backtest does multiple trade and the returns % you see is a cumulative over the entire backtest period. But each trade entry has and exit based target and stop loss given by you.


Please check my algo. This is for sell when open equals to high but trade triggering at 9.16 am my trade should happen at 9.15 or amy be 5 secs after 9.15
Please help


Hi Sateeshm,

This is because the condition is only evaluated when the candle completely forms.
The first candle completes at 9:16 am for equity, and without a completely formed candle how will you know what the high of the first candle is. What it means is the high and low of a candle cannot be certainly determined till the candle closes as the last LTP of the minute can also be the highest or lowest.