Adani Enterprises Lower Circuit 35%

Yesterday Adani Enterprises fallen down 35%. Why stock did not stopped at 20%? When it comes to rise, Exchanges allow very striclty not to grow more than 5% or 10% or max 20%. But when it comes to fall how can instrument fall to drastic levels? 35% in a single trading session. Why circuit fail? why it’s restricted to downside but not upside? I never seen an instrument going HIGH above 20%.


Stocks which are on F&O don’t have any circuit limits, or the maximum stock can move in a day, but they do have a dynamic price band at which there is a cooling-off period of 15 mins before the band is expanded.

This is why yesterday and the day before yesterday, Adani Green which is not a stock trading in F&O hit the lower circuit of 10% and stopped trading. Whereas Adani enterprises hit 10% down and stopped trading for 15 mins, then 15% down and stopped trading for 15 mins etc until it was 35% down before it bounced back.

Btw this is explained in detail here


The highest rise I have seen in a single day is with yes bank. I think it went up by 50 to 55 percent in one trading session.

Anybody knows what’s the maximum rise we have seen so far in a single trading session ?

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Stocks climb up the stairs and jump out of the window … Nothing to do with exchanges for FNO stocks, that’s how it generally works. I also only remember such moves on the downside, ZEEL was the last one i got a trade on that moved like this.

Similarly Index too can have volatile crashes (over multiple days), but when do we get those on the upside ? Upside is slow and steady in comparison. I guess Fear > Greed in the short term.

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My point was at the time of HIGH Circuits won’t break that easily and won’t stay at high areas. When it comes to LOW side. It’s a definite stay in lower areas. This hurts. Always negatives playing more role. How much time it took to Raise for adani? 2 years? 1 year? No idea but 1 week! smashed! This hurts real bad. Human psychos or algo’s playing a role. no idea!

I saw PC Jeweller same way, DHFL, Jet Airways same shit.

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Rcom went 40% High in One trading session. back in 2018

FnO stocks are backed up with heavy orders in futures and options. And they are just a contract with expiry. When news are this bad , they all tend to exit their positions very quickly.
This is why FnO high risk rewards than normal equities.

yes, answer is still the same.

It will hurt for longs and is good for shorts. But plenty of short trades cause pain too when dips get bought so its not that shorts make a killing always.

This is part of the price discovery process. All of the stocks that you mentioned deserved to be rerated downwards. So whats the problem ? Should shitty stocks have high price ? This happened before algos too and there is nothing psychotic about it. It happens in indices too over multiple days.

Markets are a competitive place and they have evolved in a way that price movement makes people, unprepared/irresponsible ones especially, to make mistakes. Not directed at you specifically, but – not everyone has to trade/invest directly. For most people, just investing in Mutual Funds / ETFs + some sort of diversification and allocation plan is enough. Do SIP, dont look at prices and invest for retirement. Better to focus on career instead of timepass in markets if not serious.

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