Approved list of Securities at Zerodha - Update Frequency


What is the frequency and timing of updating this file along with its various components - Approved list of Securities at Zerodha. - Google Sheets due to the following reasons -

  1. Stocks approved by Exchange / CC that become pledge-able. I suppose that is monthly? But pls. confirm.
  2. Newly added SGBs - How many days after offer closure do they become pledge-able and sheet is updated? Rough estimation is fine.
  3. Newly added NFOs - How many days after offer closure do they become pledge-able and sheet is updated? Rough estimation is fine.
  4. Stocks moving to broker limit reached? Within how many days the sheet is updated? Critical!!
  5. The hair-cut percentage - When does it change in the sheet?
  6. ASM additions / subtractions - When do they get updated in the sheet? What is the lag? Are they updated at all? (No column for this reason!)

If margin is getting reduced (due to ASM move or due to Hair cut change) is there any way to find it which stock is responsible without doing a full fledged matching exercise? I recently took a stock SPORTKING on 30-JUN-2023 and now I see it in Broker Limit Reached: Yes - category when it is time to pledge it.

My point - This sheet is becoming too critical but I don’t have enough understanding about the individual moving components therein and their update frequency and timing. Can someone please deep-dive and answer this - will help everybody. Also, if possible can this sheet be a webpage - that can easily be scrapped, referenced, etc. Also, it will be great if we can have a Nudge - with broker limits reached and an email when collateral margin changes - due to major hair-cut changes or due to ASM moves.

Hi @abhiwin123

  1. First date of every month.

2 & 3. It depends on Clearing Corporation, it may take between 1-2 months.

  1. It gets updated daily and on first come first serves basis. For ex: Member limit is 100 and accepted/authorized pledge request at depository end will be considered first.

  2. Daily basis.

  3. Consolidated list gets updated daily based on exchange circular and mostly before 10PM. You can find here: Consolidated list of Scrips - Allowed by RMS for Intraday - Google Sheets

Currently, we do notify through Email if haircut change to 100%. Its operationally difficult to notify every tiny changes (increase) in haircut., but will try to find a way out.

This is on our To-do list.

Excellent. Thank you @Ananth for answering all my queries. It’s nice to know that most of the things are getting updated daily. Just a small further clarification on 4th point -

Is the other way round also true? Are the stocks coming out of “Broker Limit Reached” which are henceforth marked “No” - updated on a daily basis or this is done on 1st of every month? Probably implicit but I have seen it getting updated “Yes” to “No” around first always. May be circumstantial but can you please confirm.

Also, your thoughts on nudge for someone who is buying a stock that cannot be pledged for XYZ reason?

There are two things, one is daily basis where you might witness 2-3 scrips changed to Yes to No or No to Yes whereas other thing is monthly basis where you can see 100+ scrips changed the status due to reduction in member level limit. Let me find the criteria of broker limit and update here.

We do have it on Console when someone give pledge request and we do have support article briefing various reasons why pledge is not allowed.

Ok. Yeah … that may help a lot.

Hmm. Well, the way I see it - in console while making pledge request - it is already too late. What if I only wish to buy a stock that I can pledge and on top of it if I can’t pledge it, I would like to exit it. The sheet is already having daily updates. If the same can be available in KITE with the BUY order window via a Nudge especially for “broker limit reached” it will be great. I think for ASM you are already doing it. I am needlessly incurring this cost of entering and exiting the trade (STT) because 1 day later I find that the trade doesn’t meet my purpose (the ability to pledge). The instances of this can be reduced if KITE has updated view of this sheet. Not to mention with the recent changes of BTST, it blocks the entire margin equivalent to cost of the trade - on the next day.

Note: I get it if this is a low priority issue because of a very specific use case. I am not sure though.

Showing nudge on Kite will look like spam because we don’t know the intention behind someone buying a particular stock and not everyone who buys wants to pledge.

Also, it may act opposite if someone didn’t buy seeing the Nudge and if broker limit comes down the next day, pledge is acceptance.

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Yup. That makes sense.

I wonder if there is any other way to solve this? I think “broker’s OI limit reached” for index options is also a similar issue that is at least known instantly in KITE. But I guess for anything like that to work - first buy button and pledge button actions need to be combined in KITE - sth like “Buy For Instant Pledge”. Though even as I type - I can see how far fetched a task it is. However, it is exactly the opposite of “Sell For Instant Unpledge” that already happens in KITE behind the scene and seamlessly these days.

Anyhow, thank you for the insights. I guess I have to deal with this for the time being. :slight_smile: