Arranging funds for trading

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Suppose you have an option strategy for weekly nifty options which is able to make a return of 6% to 9% per week on total capital with a probability of 90% in all types of market, but you are lack of funds… then how can you arrange funds for that?

no matter how good your strategy… it is wise to trade only with your own funds and trade with only capital which you can afford lose… borrowed money or taking loan for trading should be no go…


Whats strategy?

I guess since March 2020, we have seen most types of markets weather it’s volatile, neutral or against your direction, upper circuit and lower circuit… Haven’t lose more than 3% in the worst case scenario… risk management is the key and that’s what I have done so far… If something is worthy to give a good shot in all kind of markets, why not to take a chance if something has given good results in past one year…

No offense, but When one says, never trade with borrowed money, he is either denying the fact that we can achieve great things if we manage our risk very well or we are so scared to lose that we should not be here for trading, as other businesses don’t have any kind of risks.


Have you used your strategy for bigger sums. I mean making 6 percent in 1 lakh is different from making that in 1 crore capital. In other words scalability is the factor. Apart from this maximum possible drawdown should be taken care of .


Roughly how much capital do you have with you to try out this strategy now?

Whether it’s 1L or 1cr, if we set everything percent wise and follow our rules, everything is ok… also liquidity is not the issue for multiple lots as all legs of strategy is ATM or near the ATM( based on situation)

Please guys, don’t advise reg not to manage other’s fund… I am even ready for black swan events.

So you have a strategy that makes you 300-400% on your capital with 90% probability. The question then is how much are you risking? What’s at stake in the other 10%?

Are you using 100% of your capital for your options trades most of the time? That seems so risky, chances of blowup are probably pretty significant.

How long have you been trading Options?

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Have you gone through previous comments in this thread… did you read that I am ready for black swan events? What makes you think that I am going to blow my account in a single trade? More important question is, where did I mention that in a single trade I am risking all my 100%?

Look at the thread topic, I asked how can I arrange funds, didn’t ask to discuss trade analysis.

Your entitled response is unwarranted. I did not ask or suggest you are 100% invested in a single trade. My question was about your position sizing and what % of capital you use on the whole.

Anyways, If you truly believe you can generate big returns with least risk, get a reasonable trading history behind you, then maybe if you show proof of your trades, you could even get investors.

Loans are a possibility but do banks give business loans for F&O trading? Maybe a personal loan? Personally I am against such, but I dont have such a magical strategy.

There are plenty of twitter superstars selling “follow my trades” subscriptions. I suspect most of them are fake, but some of those guys get good business anyway…


There are many direct/indirect sources of credit sourcing. how much money you are looking for?

In that case, one possibility for funds is personal loans. Many banks give out personal loans without collateral. Especially some of the newer banks. The maximum interest rate that IDFC bank shows on their website for personal loans is 22% per year. If, as you said, you are able to make 6% per week, and assuming 50 weeks in a year (to be on the safe side), you will make 1742% profits in a year. This will easily cover the interest on the personal loan.

This is NOT something that I would do, or recommend that you do. To repeat: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU TAKE PERSONAL (OR OTHER) LOANS to trade in the market. I am just pointing out that, IF someone is able to make 6% profit per week, THEN getting a personal loan as seed money is not a bad idea. But, to me this is a big IF, and this is NOT something that I would do, or advise anyone to do!


play with your own money because many successful trader some times fall so be aware and if your strategy is too good then you should share with us like reedit post we can play bold
good luck

Like what? Can you please explain me sir.

I know few moneylenders who will offer unlimited money at 24-36% interest without asking any question. Basically you need to pay 2-3% interest every month. They are pretty strict about repayments and would even resort to violence if you don’t pay back.
But since you are making 6-9% a week with almost everything figured, that should not be a problem.

I think this should be golden opportunity for you. Send me your contact details, I will get you connected to them.

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@Akash_Shah These are probably ‘specialist moneylenders’. So now not only is capital at risk, but bones and life are also at risk. Can anyone trade under such pressure?


It depends how much money you want?

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If you indeed have such a strategy, you can make 10 lakhs of your money into 100 cr within 5 years or so. If this progresses as per your expectations, somewhere along the way you will get investors too. That should be good enough :wink:

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Yes @Vij these are specialist :slight_smile:
But then @Rajesh81 has figured out a fantastic strategy which is giving 6-9% return a week, in almost all market conditions. He also has black swan event figured, and only thing lacking is money.
Then why should he let this opportunity go.

I mean there is no risk in his strategy failing … right? So he should grab this opportunity with all he can :stuck_out_tongue: