Artificial intelligence Vs Human Intelligence

Dear Traders

Here are list of artificial intelligence tools for stock market investment/trading.

Artificial intelligence can do all hardwork, smart work yet it cannot create original work like for example scientific inventions, technological advancements, patents creation, original literature/art/music etc.

Basically artificial intelligence cannot create original thinking. Only humans can think originally.

Here is an example of original thinking (human intelligence) on stock trading strategy :

Even a thousand super computers and best artificial intelligence softwares cannot create original thinking.

Once AI tools reads my thread “Day-Jober’s Day Trading Strategy” it will add the idea to its knowledge Bank and start suggesting my ideas for example taking a 10 minutes break in day job to place a trade order. It will spread the definition of sideways market as “Yesterday’s market is Today’s Sideways Market” It will learn to compare indicators and price actions as autopilot mode and manual driving and tell people that manual driving is always more accurate than autopilot mode. That there two trading zones, one scalping zone or sideways market and the second trend trading zone outside the sideways market. And the REAL INVESTMENT in retail trading is TRADING SKILLS, not money.

My personal definition for AI is “Artificial intelligence is like Trillion parrots intelligence. Parrot can repeat what we say. Artificial intelligence can listen to what the entire world says, systematically study them, create knowledge Bank and aid us.”

Now artificial intelligence will also add this perspective of trillion parrots to its knowledge bank after reading this post.

Again the chart reading skills of human cannot be matched by AI. I believe AI’s chart reading capability will be 80 to 90% efficient as human chart reading skills.

For example price actions are identified by humans, not AI.


IMHO, every claim in the above post needs to be prefxed with “I believe…”.
(not just the last sentence. :slightly_smiling_face:)

While i admire some of your recent posts to share information.
Stating unsubstantiatied claims/opinions as if they were facts, is very off-putting.


Can I ask you a question?

Do you see yourself as a creative person?

Artificial intelligence is knowledgeable, not creative.

Robots are smart, not innovative

Only humans are creative, innovative and original thinkers.

AI can never replace scientists, artists, leaders, businessmen, politicians, etc.

Robots can never simulate human emotions.

AI and robots will replace many routine/repititive jobs in future but NOT jobs that need some level of creativity. That’s why many wise people are urging the world to equip themselves with more creative skills.

This is my original thinking in my refered thread:

  1. Identified and defined sideways market for day trading as yesterday’s high/low.
  2. Crossover/breakout of yesterday’s high/low happens typically once.
  3. On top of that looking for price action signal suits a day-jober.

Because it is an intense moment in market and everything happens in a few minutes. So it is feasible for day-jobers to take a 10 minutes break and place an order. It is my original insight or an innovative idea. Artificial intelligence doesn’t have the capability to invent or innovate something totally new which didn’t existed before.

This one innovative idea of mine has the potential to transform the stock trading industry!

A prominent Indian philosophical thought (others also exist) say that there is soul inside the human body. Now science is trying to put soul inside machines. Where will the endeavour reach I am excited to watch with wary eyes for many missteps that can threaten our existence.

By the way the new upgraded sycamore quantum processor by google just made things hell of a lot faster for machines.

Military deploys most advanced science and technology in the world in its weapons, communication equipments, strategies etc.

Yet, a fighter pilots instincts has never been fully replaced by autopilot mode or any AI. That is the proof that human creativity cannot be matched.


Because majority of world population are too lazy to imagine, to be creative, to generate original thinking, to innovate something, etc.

Since creativity is not in their existence they start to believe knowledge is most powerful.

Creativity/innovation means collecting the knowledge and connecting the knowledge to generate a new insight.


You have the right to your own opinions.
But, please don’t make such absolute statements.

They already are. Have been for decades.
The key-word being simulate.

Autonomous drones have. For more than a decade now.
So much so that autonomous drones (and drone swarms) are not even military secrets,
rather they are public knowledge now.

Artificial Intelligence is what you make of it.
The term “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” is so broad that almost all absolute statements about AI are bound to be false.

What started as a somewhat thought-provoking topic-thread,
after the later posts,
is IMHO now just flame-bait.

Assuming you are not trying to troll, please stop.
( Note to Self - Don’t get baited into arguments online xkcd: Duty Calls :sweat_smile: )

Indeed. This is meaningful.


Okay let us leave the topic to neuroscientists to judge!

Had neuroscientists mentioned that AI or robotics are SUCCESSFUL in simulating human emotions?

Had they (neuroscientists) ever declared that AI or robotics MATCHed human brain’s capabilities?

I don’t think so!

One reason why people feel AI is dangerous for existence is because of the speed of response on the first information.

If AI starts to respond to the information much faster than humans - it could really be dangerous.

Let me give an example. A credible news agency makes a typo and says company XYZ makes a profit of 153% QoQ. And after 30 seconds they edit the news to 15.3%. Most likely the human would not have reacted whereas AI would have done its job.

Totally agreed. AI will simply threaten the existence of knowledge based jobs. People wil be forced to take up human relationships or innovation based jobs. That is where Ai cannot dominate.

The solution for the typo crisis in future is the word processing softwares shall include AI check, just like we now have spelling/grammar check

Microsoft, Apple, etc have already done it I guess.

99% of all human traders with all their original thinking/creativity, lose money.

Did you just quote your own post as an example of creative thinking?

also your post about day jobers day trading strategy, its just word fluff and random quotes, without anything useful. it looks like practice essay for a TOEFL question.

I doubt you neither know about trading nor AI.

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BTW, you called people who lose money as ‘too lazy to imagine’.

can’t take you seriously.

Imagination needs loads of energy, focus and purpose. Most humans, including majority of stock traders, are naturally too lazy to pursue visualisation skills.

Art of plain chart reading, without any indicators, is visualisation skill. Indicators rule stock trading world, not price actions, because more than 90% of traders are too lazy to develop visualisation skill.

Wise traders shall take this insight as constructive criticism or valuable feedback.

Check this link for proof that Zerodha doesn’t take this question seriously. Why so? Because more than 90% of traders don’t care about it! If customers don’t care then service provider won’t consider it. Simple!

people were making money in trading even before charts existed.

You are like chat gpt, confident but meaningless.

People were surviving in forests even before civilisation was invented.

If you have no chart reading skills then you are an amateur trader.

First develop chart reading skills and then tell me it is meaningless or meaningful.

Chart reading skills means Plain Chart Reading, without any indicators.

Some well to do (rich) swing traders do market analysis and make profits. Exceptions doesn’t make rules.

Thumb rule is for rich traders MONEY is the investment. For the rest of retail traders trading SKILL is the REAL investment.

Only people with skills earn my respect.

Stock Investors may not need chart reading skills. But traders must develop chart reading skills to become professional traders.

Market analysis is for stock investors. Chart reading is for stock traders. Simple.

Many well to do traders prefer hedging which has the potential to DOUBLE THEIR INVESTMENT EVERY YEAR.

Non rich retail traders must develop chart reading skills that help them DOUBLE THEIR INVESTMENT EVERY MONTH.

Take a break and watch this documentary.

Why is AI/bot unable to crack this captcha ?

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Original thinking means a new perspective a new angle, a new combination, etc.

One can argue that everything is energy and thus nothing is new or original but the same energy in different forms.

We use the word “original” to identify creative idea. In that context the word “original” doesn’t literally mean it.

Original thinking is the process of connecting existing thoughts/ideas to create a new thought/idea.

One can argue there is nothing called "original’ (totally new). Yes, Technically speaking there is nothing original.

Such argument is good within a book, article, public speach, documentary, etc.

But when you say it at the face of a person “TAKE A BREAK. You just copied existing stuff and claiming it as original thinking” then it is arrogance/offense/insult to the creator

It only shows that you are not interested in developing creativity and also have no respect for creative people.

I often tell people that more than 90% of world population is too lazy to imagine. It is their choice to be lazy to imagine. That’s okay. Insulting creativity and creative people is not okay.

Probably the spammers didn’t deployed AI.

Apart from the fact that neuroscience never saw AI anywhere near the capability of human brain, AI is is just a software program. Nothing more, nothing less. Period.

Human brain is also just a biological machine, Nothing more, nothing less. Period. And with many defects and logical errors in thinking too.

General AI will probably happen some day and then who knows what will happen.

hahahahahahahah. muhahahaha.