Auction orders on Kite (beta)-Selling holdings in the auction market

As explained in the post, an auction is conducted on T+3 day if shares were previously short-delivered due to the stock hitting the upper circuit, physical delivery, etc. In most cases, you are likely to get a better price in the auction than in the regular market due to a supply shortage(only institutional, prop sellers, etc.). If you get a better price in the normal market at that time, you can definitely sell there too.

Why is the BUY side qty represented separately for same price 0.00


Great initiative. Always wondered how the auction process works? Who would be contacted and sell those shares in shortfall currently?

Hey everyone, now you can check the list of auction stocks directly on our website:


I sold my holding shares of eclerx in auction today and it executed.
Now it’s showed in postion, so I bought back that share and sq off the position.

So is it right? Or still I have to deliver the stock ?
Because after sq off share would not be debited from my Demate so how it will work

Please explain who have such experience like me.

Stocks sold in the auction will get debited from the Demat account by the end of the auction date. Stocks purchased again today will be credited on the next trading day.

Noticed the Bids shortcut on the top bar on kite webpage today. One feedback for the UI design team is to optimise it for mobile browsers (it has pushed the funds button to the next row, psb). Thanks

It has also reduced the clickable area on the search bar, and is really an annoying experience. (Yes mobile web is my primary platform. I hope there are enough kite users on mobile web for this to be picked up quickly)

cc: @nithin (sorry for the spam. I don’t know the right zerodha team member to tag and the previous message went unnoticed)

Can you check if you have changed the display size from default to large? If not, can you share the mobile model?
We will move to the hamburger menu type soon on the mobile web.

The display zoom is set as default. And handset is iphone 11

This doesn’t occur on all mobile phones. For now, could you try adjusting the zoom level of your browser to either 85% or 115% and see if that appears more convenient? If the issue continues, please DM your ID to assist further.

The Scrips listed in Auctions Tab are mostly the ones which were failed to get delivered on T-1 Day and which were bough & sold on T-2 Day, Right?

When you buy a stock on Monday, the seller’s broker is required to make payin to the exchange latest by 10.30 AM on Tuesday. If there is a short delivery, the exchange conducts the auction on the same day between 2 and 2.30 PM.

Good afternoon…
If I sell the shares through auction, and then buy those shares the same day, what would it be considered in context of charges?
Intraday trade?
Equity delivery trade?
What all charges will be applicable?
Please guide.

Hi @Hardeep ,
These will be treated as 2 separate delivery trades and delivery charges will apply.
Both the trades won’t netoff.

Hi, Where can I see today’s auction volume and prices for all shares. Not only the ones I hold in my holding.

This is not available to view as of right now. We’ll consider adding to the market watch in the future to track, it is not possible right now due to technical limitations.

I had done short selling of ireda 2000 qty and it went to UC. My loss was -9k on the day ,I was told I will get delivery of stock and margin was blocked. Three days passed nothing happened. I didn’t even see anything in my auctions tab. Now zerodha says me I have a loss of 40k in my pnl, that too after telling them it’s been three days but nothing is showing up in my account. How can I trust zerodha what it does in the background and my loss goes from -9k to -40k ,it doesn’t have any answer. It gives me copy paste standard answer always. When customers have no clarity or visibility im sure zerodha does a lot of things in the BG which we aren’t even aware of!!


Hi @K_T, sorry you had this experience.

As @Ragavendran_M explained to you here:

Could you please provide me the ticket number? I’ll have someone from the team reach out and explain this to you.

How can I verify if my short sell auction happened on next day? How can I verify my contract note on NSE?
@ShubhS9 @TheGouda