Bad luck follow me always πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”


I am a big losers of this market :cry:. Lost everything. :inbox_tray:. Finally decided to invest, and the day I started investing the market crashed :angry:. Portfolio of 3 days is down by 6%. I think bad luck is like Vodafone wherever I go it follows me. Last 3 days I bought 60k 30k and 30k . Should i continue or buy in weekly basis i.e ever Monday or 1st day of every month? Now I am a long term investor , can invest 30k in every month ,cash in hand 1.8L . No matter What happened I am not going to quit market. Can anyone suggest what approach should I take?


I would suggest you to wait for time till market stabilize and then invest. In the meantime do some homework of selecting quality stocks and put them in your radar.

No body in this world make everyday profit. If you are beginner I suggest you to learn strategies and play with them by buying and selling 10 shares or less.


Practice trading daily by trading just 1 share each of 4 different stocks.
Then calculate hypothetical results if it were with full margin.
Spread the word about yourselves. People may actually give you money to act in a market so that they can profit by taking reverse trade


So people will give money to him so that he loses it?


Trading is a science. Science is based on undeniable facts. Facts are established by experimentation.
Now the fact that the market will go on the opposite side of whatever trade that @Badboy takes is well proven fact by none other than the subject of these experimentations himself!
So who is goin to loose such a holy grail sure shot indicator?!!
If badboy buys subscribers will start shorting. If he sells they will start buying.
Marvelous!!! Isn’t it?


Proven by whom? Where is the ledger? What is the percentage of wrong trades?


@badboy is more suited to answer this question as he is the one who is self proclaiming himself as a loser!
@Badboy plz provide relevant data


Except few genius, all are losers in this forum but no one accepts that. Ask yourself you will find your answer. I can prove that I am a loser can you prove that you are not?


Hey, I’m a certified numerologist… Change your name to Baddbuoy and all will be fine.


Reverse trading also wont work in markets. Suppose u had in mind to take long position & u execute opposite to it, yes u go SHORT.

Markets will surprise u & later u will realize, ohh I should have gone LONG only! Why I did reverse trade!

Next time, u make a mind to go SHORT as per your analysis. Hmmm, now u are in a dilemma , should I go as per my analysis or go reverse?

You were confident about analysis & you went SHORT! This time markets went GREEN & you regret , WTH??? I should have taken reverse trade!!

Now at the time of next trade opportunity, your mind will get so complicated that you will get stuck on which way you would trade normally & which way you would trade REVERSELY ?

Your mind will literally get stuck. You just cannot decide if u are going reverse or not. Markets are very mischievous.


I too used to consider myself the unluckiest person someone can come across, but soon realized that there’s no such thing as luck. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. I once lost about 800β‚Ή in a trade. It was the biggest loss I have ever had in such a short time. It might not mean much to anyone else, but I am still a student, living off of my parents’ money, so it was a big thing for me. I still get saddened when I think about it, but I don’t feel the happiness now that I once felt when I booked a profit of 1200β‚Ή in a trade. What I am trying to say is, we remember negative emotions much stronger than the positive emotions. Hence the losses we made while trading appears highlighted in our memories than the profits, even if the profits surpass the losses. I have lost about 2K since the day I started trading, so I have decided to take a break from the trading for a moment. In the meantime, I am analyzing stocks, making predictions, and writing it down in a diary. Hopefully, I will soon find a strategy that gives me profits more than losses.


as long as u dint put money on the table u WIN. the moment you put money on the Table you LOOSE haha


Hi @Badboy,

Sorry to hear about your stint of losses; I am sure you will come out of this situation soon.

If you have decided to focus only on investing, I can advice the following:

1- Come out of the trader’s mindset

  • A trader is (by the very nature) short-term focussed whereas an investor thinks 5-10-15 or even 20 years down the line. Therefore, you will have to stop paying attention to short term market movements and think long term
  • Stop checking the market on the daily basis and (I know you won’t like this but) stop coming to forums like this because the trader in you will come back to life
  • Stop checking your portfolio value on a daily basis otherwise you would be more prone to take rash decisions. Once in 3-4 months is enough.

2- Learn Investing

  • Investing is a game of buying growth or value- and not momentum. So, you will need to learn how to find growth/value in this market.
  • Read β€œThe Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham
  • Research which small companies are drawing investor’s interest, here on MoneyControl.

3- Have Patience

  • The accumulation of good quality stocks should be done over years (using averaging) and NOT the way you just did- again, try to switch your brain from a trader to investor
  • Accumulate on corrections and not when the market is at all time high

Investing is a marathon not a sprint so pace yourself and you will be rewarded.

All the best !


Finally got some good advice thanks @Neha_Raghuraman


@Badboy if you are serious on investment journey then stop listening these guys. You will do much favor to yourself.


Pl share what stocks you bought for 3 days for total amount for 1.2 lacs.
1.Never listen to anybody regarding stocks, do your own research .

2.Put in small amount monthly and some technical study on charts do help.
3.Never invest in penny stocks
In public forum can’t share full info about investing,as am take lot of time,pl call me for further help if you need (9840946959).


Somehow, I feel this is another post to promote unnecessary discussion and keep this forum alive.
Remember there was a similar one few days back from some Vaishnavi Sharma asking for meaning of certain market terminology.

The above reply seems to be a confirmation - as anyone would simply Google and (try to) learn investment basics that Neha has quoted. :slight_smile:

@Badboy - sorry if you genuinely lost money, but ur questions are too basic, and it is impossible for anyone to learn trading and investments through forum discussions.
All the best.


Today add another 30k in portfolio.


Now I am accumulating MARUTI,TATA GLOBAL beverage, jsw steel and apollo hospital. No plans to sell near future only accumulation it will continue every month by 30k. I select these share doing little home work, is my selection right? Need investors criticism.


start studying