Best stocks/MF in Bear Market in March 2018!

As We are seeing Falling Nifty, Sensex etc due to lots of Indian & foreign reasons.
I seen lots of Suggestions in Year Ending like Best stocks/Mutual Fund to buy in India for long term for 2018!
But that time Market was Going Up ie Bull Market.

Can one suggest Best Stocks/MF for Long term or Short term Goal in Bear Market in March 2018 ?

bro for long term take any sound fund
as history shows INDIAN market never loose points in long term

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You can search yourself. In bear market its better to stick to fundamentally sound stocks rather than cheap junks. You can use sites like or even better valueresearchonline
Some parameters of sound fundas could be like

  1. Showing consistent rise in sales yoy (atleast 10%) for last 5 years
  2. Profit growth especially opm
  3. Debt to equity under 1
  4. Good positive cash flow especially operating

Important is which sector company belongs to, mkt share in that sector etc.

But most important of all is “do u understand d business” of that company. Stick to simple and easily understanding business, read financial statements… U can urself dig d gems :gem: