Best websites/sources for stock market participants

Hello everyone,

I request all of you post the websites that you have found helpful (related to stock market) that will benefit others.

Finding information in the stock market will sometimes be hard, so by sharing your reference source, others will be benefited and you’ll get to know new stuff as well.


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  1. Charting platform - Tradingview

  2. NCD related - NSDL india bond info.

Request all of you to continue this thread.

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  1. Fundamental analysis

    • Ticker tape.
    • Screener
    • Trendlyne
    • Ticker by finology
    • Investor relation in underlying website.

P.S - Use any one at a time, not all of them together.
Request all of you to continue this thread.

  1. Economic Times’s official website for accurate news.
  2. Trading View for technical screener (free for most of the features).
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I find free PDF books on nearly any subject (including trading) via the following website. It’s a site run by a company based in California (with very strict IP laws), so I don’t know how it is still in operation.
But hey, as long as it’s legal there, I’m fine.

For a list of my favourite books, pls check this post

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You’ve just opened Aladdin’s treasure for me. Man! This website is so damn good :fire:

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won’t they get copy right claims for these ? @NewUser123
and also there is no problem for posting these here.

They have been in operation for years… successfully defending lawsuits… Donno how :grinning:
Would love to chat with their defense counsel…

that’s cool! Thanks for sharing.