Beta version of updated TradingView charts on Kite

The beta version has a few issues. To fix it, we are in contact with the TV team. As soon as it is fixed, TV v2 will become the default.

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@Arockiya_Raja @nithin
Any updates on Trade From Chart? What about things like Scalper Mode etc. or just moving around the little horizontal lines on the chart to set stop loss, take profit, etc. ? Pretty damn good features that someone should spend time on building, right?

Trade From Chart is available on Chartiq. We are also working on getting this implemented on the TV chart.

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there is tooltip feature in ChartIQ. can you add it to TV ? (it show high/low, open/close when we hover over candle)

That is a feature of the Chartiq library that simplifies the process of tracking the indicator’s value over time. I think, TradingView (TV) has a better approach to this. If you try adding a few more indicators, you’ll notice that the tooltip takes up more space on the chart. I’m not sure if the TradingView charting library would incorporate this feature into their platform. Your feedback has been noted.

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I think there is some issue in TV 2.0 Beta. I can’t see high- low or open-close price in kite app.

To access OHCL data, simply long-press anywhere on the screen to reveal the crosshair. Then, move the crosshair to the desired candle.

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Do a long press on the chart to activate the cross hair; once activated, you will see OHLC. If you tap on the chart, the crosshairs will be deactivated.


Tradingview beta chart/candles are not updated after time frame is completed when opening from @streak live signals.

Please look into it

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Hi @delta_gainer Kindly write to [email protected] regarding the issue in detail and the team shall look into it.

Hello @Arockiya_Raja,I have 2 questions:

  1. How can I hide the drawing tool in the 2.0 version in the Kite mobile app? It was hidden until we clicked on it in the previous version.

  2. The crosshair comes only when I am long pressing on the chart in the 2.0 mobile app. Can I make the crosshair to be always visible?

  1. The selection (hide/show) is not remembered in the updated version. This has been reported to the TV team. This will be resolved.
  2. Once the user activates the crosshair, it remains visible for subsequent times. However, if the app is closed and then reopened, it is not remembered. I will investigate the possibilities.
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@Arockiya_Raja Any fix for the multi chart error 429 issue?
Still occurs almost everyday

This will be resolved by this weekend.

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