Beta version of updated TradingView charts on Kite

Hi, for some reason I am unable to see the bar change percent. Earlier I was able to see it. I don’t remember changing anything. What could be the issue? Thanks for any help. Its very important to know the size of the candle in terms of percent which I can’t see now.

I had raised a ticket on this few months back. Only happening in kite mobile application TV 2 beta. Web is fine. No solutions yet.

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Hi @Arockiya_Raja When we switch to Dark theme mode and open a v2 chart the background is white, any fixes for this?

The user needs to configure this in the TV settings and save it as the default layout.

Have done with these settings already but when we switch again to default theme or vice versa again its same, need to do the same settings every time when the theme is changed? or it will be fixed shortly.

need to do the same settings every time when the theme is changed?

Yes. In TV v2, the theme is also saved in the default layout so this cannot be overwritten.

OHLC is not available on Kite App in Tradingview V2.0 chart.

Is there a way to save drawings for multiple charts on TV 2.0, unlike how its limited to only 10 scripts as of now. Its really a pain point to draw same things again and again, slows down significantly.

The thing is study indicators, drawings are not getting saved. Trading view beta Version chart issue

You can save drawings on multiple charts by using the save layout option located on the right side. The drawings for various scrips are stored within a single layout. For instructions on saving and loading layouts, please refer to this article.

To view the OHLC in TV V2 on the app, you must enable the crosshair feature. You can enable the crosshair by performing a long press on the charts.

Are trading view premium advanced features available with zerodha - Chart Patterns? Few brokers like sharekhan has their own Pattern finder where an investor by looking at chart can take a call for that particular stock.

Can zerodha implement such feature in their TV Beta OR an separate app / feature like sharekhan with TV Premium features available?

Please refer to this post about streak unlimited access where you can scan based on patterns. I guess this should be helpful to you.

  1. I’m talking about premium features - diamond pattern, XABD pattern & so on. Streak only has basic single to triple Candlesticks pattern with strategy but when open chart for a particular share the pattern is not marked on that chart whereas share khan has that advanced chart with marking pattern on chart. Attached SS.

Your feedback has been noted. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to provide this now as it is not a vendor-provided feature. However, we will investigate the possibilities.