BHEL bonus share


Which date should filled on Discrepant holdings page? What if 2 shares were bought on two different days?


Also, which rate needs to be filled in rate column if two shares were brought at different prices? I have already got the message from CDSL.


Ideally the date on which bonus shares got credited into your demat account.

Since this is a bonus share, rate should be 0 (Zero).


Has the bonus shares been credited? Its not reflecting in my account.


You would have received a message from CDSL when the credit to your demat account happens. These will show up once the ISIN is active.


I recd this message - " Debit in A/c XXXX for 39 shares - Temperory ISIN and Credit for 39 shares in listed ISIN of BHEL on 06/10/207 in reciept of trading approval."

Unable to understand what iss Temperory ISIN and when will it reflect in my DP.


@Nitin_Verma, It means that that the ISIN isn’t yet active for the stock. Once that’s active, you’ll be able to view them and trade.

The company’s registrar first credits the bonus shares in an inactive ISIN to your account and once the ISIN is active re-credits it in the active ISIN. This is a normal procedure that is practised. These shares have been credited to your DP, you’ll be able to see them on the trading once the ISIN is active.

If you wish to check the credit of shares in your demat account, you can register to easi


Is it mandatory to register in CDSL to receive the bonus shares?


What does it mean? CDSL: Debit in a/c *** for 200-CHAMBAL FERT. EQY on 12JAN


It means that You sold 200 Quantity of CHAMBAL FERT from your Holdings. (DEMAT Account)