How do I register to CDSL easi?


Can someone explain the process to login and track my demat holdings.

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To register for easi, first login to from any browser

Select ‘Login to - MyEasi’ under Quick Links. You will receive a pop-up to install Microsoft Silverlight. Go ahead and install it.

Once Silverlight is installed, when you select the Login to MyEasi link, you will get the following pop-up.

Click the marked area ‘To Register for easi’. You will get another pop-up.

You have to enter your BO ID, Password and Characters to complete your registration.

You will find your DP ID and DP Account Number/Beneficiary Number from Q >> Backoffice

Click on Profile

Your BO ID is your 16 digit beneficiary account number which contains your 8 digit DP ID + your 8 digit DP Account Number.

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@AkshayAtur The screenshots help to explain the step by step process. Thank you !

I am facing trouble to access the CDSL site as it asks me to install MS Silverlight.

Upon installing the software I get the message on screen “A newer version of Silverlight is already installed.” Screenshot attached. Browser = Chrome Version 62.0.3202.89 (Official Build) (32-bit)Silverlight

I am unable to progress beyond this both on my personal laptop (windows machine where I have admin rights) and office laptop (windows machine, where I don’t have admin rights).

Can someone help me with this? Looks like an IT issue and I don’t know whom to ask.
:sos: @Srinivas @Lets_Invest @Sanket @Bhuvanesh


Hey @VinTrade
Screenshot (4151)

Go on this link and Download the latest version of Sliverlight.
Install that.
After installation close the browser.

Screenshot (4155)

Still if you are unable to login.

Use Internet Explorer Browser after installation of silverlight.

(You will not face any problem in Internet Explorer Because the website is best Operational in Internet Explorer & CDSL also recommend to use Internet Explorer )

You can also download App from Google play Store.


Also, give it a shot in Mozilla Firefox as well if you are facing trouble with other browsers.


@Lets_Invest Thanks for the procedure. I had installed the latest version but was not able to see the site with Chrome.

Upon your suggestion i tried IE and voila it works.

Thank you !


Upon your suggestion, i tried IE and voila it works.

Thank you !


Welcome @VinTrade :+1: