Bloomberg Terminal


Do Indian traders use Bloomberg terminal?
What advantage will one get by using it in Indian markets.

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Yes, If someone else pays for it. like employees of MF companies, news anchors etc

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You mean that there are very less traders/investors who themselves use Bloomberg terminal.


Yes. The subscription charges are exorbitant. An individual trader could comfortably feed their 4 member family comfortably for 2-3 years instead.


Hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I read an article once on Medium which had the following quote on Bloomberg terminal;

When you log into Bloomberg, it is like you have suddenly come across a secret internet where all the data is real, the stories are factual and the information is actually released so quickly that you can put in a trade before the rest of the market. — Alex Novak

It is literally like trading on inside information. Obviously, as others have also pointed out, it is freaking expensive.


But as I know most of company who main busniess in stock market not allowed to trading and for investment you need to inform the companies first


Not necessarily. A few companies actually encourage personal trades by employees because it ensures that their employees are in the thick on things, active and informed on the markets - you can see the logic here.


Seems like that option are indeed for very rich and professional organisations no matter how you really put it so thanks in advance please no matter what. I do understand that really need some backup in cash, but I am planning to try it early anyway.

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it costs 2000$/month… that’s right, per month!!
Even some institutions have started cost cutting and now use bloomberg terminals for a group of people which was earlier like one terminal per user…