BO order is blocked for options

How to place fno order with stop loss . Unable to place BO order for options

Yes BO is blocked for options .
For futures u have to place limit price and target should be kept as in terms of difference between the limit price and target that u r placing same as in stop loss
For example : Current market price say 100 and u want to place ur order at 98 so keep limit price as 98 and suppose my target is 105 I keep my target as 7 points from my buy price and if say my stoploss is 95 I keep the stop loss as 3 points for more details visit

What is alternative way for placing stop loss & target in equity options

It’s not allowed to take 3 positions in options it’s because of less volatility and difference in spread is more and no other option to take such positions.:blush:

Market orders are blocked for stock options and the stoploss order in a BO is a market order, hence BO is also blocked for stock options.
If you want to trade options for intraday, then use MIS and place limit orders. You have to place 3 separate orders, limit for entry, limit for target and stoploss limit for stoploss.

Its asking for additional margin requirement due to additional sell order & so can’t place stop loss. But in BO order we do have specific stop loss limit order type then why it got restricted.

Only zerodha is not providing support
For this order type on options. Other brokerage providing Bracket order in
Options. It’s lagging very essential feature

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Even I am facing the same problem.

Have u found any solution?

I am looking out for Option buying under BO (any good broker available)?