Bonds purchased through coin - are not immediately eligible to pledge for collateral margin?

If we purchase bonds through kite - my understanding is they can not be pledged right away …so how much time it takes after issuance - to be eligible for pledge for cash collateral margin? and is it a guarantee that it will be in the list of eligible securities for cash collateral margin? @cvs @viswaram @Bhuvan @pankushri @Gnome @Akash_Shah

If it is an old issued bond i think its available to pledge as soon as its your demat. If its newly issued bond then it takes one month for the clearing corporation to approve. So you can pledge next month.
This is what i know. The latter i have experience with.

So how do we know if its an old issue ? (reissue or new)
For example upcoming gsec auction is May 29-June 02, 2023 - will it be reissue or new? @Akash_Shah

I guess you have experience with buying new and than you waited for a month for clearing corp to approve but what about brokers…do brokers always give margin even if clearing corp has approved ?

existing bonds get reauctioned every week.

@curiousvi hope you have the pledge approved list.

Also you were repeatedly asking similar questions. Were my earlier replies confusing for you?

May be similar but not same :smile: I guess I should not tag you now onwards.
I have saved issuance calendar - you mentioned- but it dopes not tell if its reissue or new

fresh issue will be explicitly mentioned.

i dont have an issue if you tag me, just wondering my answers were not effective enough

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New issue will say NEW in the name if its GSEC.

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Check ISIN in the list if things are so confusing.

Anyway Govt Securitie gets approved next month [ I bought 699GS2026-GS, IN0020230028] on 18th april which was listed on 17th April. and was able to pledge next month may, but again it matter of timing as well. since Clearing corporation does monthly once.

IN0020230028.pdf (132.2 KB)

For all Gsec related doubts. I always refer to RBI press release. On Monday, generally by day end they come with press release.
For eg. below is the one issued for last week on 22nd May

Clearly identifies that all were re-issue

Similar press release would be issued today, and that should help identify what is being issued.

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