BSE to launch e-mandate facility on mutual fund platform

The Money will directly Deduct from your bank Account
Hopefully Coin will follow the Trend

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@Bhuvan : can you please let us know if coin is also implementing this we need this auto debit SIPs for mutual funds, Also we need one feature where we can do real SIPs via BSE and also pause and modify … its working already in Groww… why cant it be done in demat mode via platform… this will help as sometimes AMCs stop lumpsump and new SIPs into it and set and forget SIP with AMC with additional pause and modify feature will make coin best platform…
But we need Currently auto debit SIPs mandate for coin to directly deduct money on sip date for mutual fund payment instead of manual payments

We are working on this Sandeep

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yes, need of the hour.

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@Bhuvan yes it’s time to introduce changes in coin for making the mutual fund investments smooth

Introduce One time mandate which can be signed with bse star via coin app zerodha.
All SIPs shud be auto paid to amcs via mandate and bse star
Also most important make pause and modify feature available in AMC SIPs
We want real SIP with pause and modify feature and not simulated lumpsump coin sips

The reason is very strong once we set long term sip for 10K in any smallcap fund then we will not have to face any future sip inflow restrictions or limits on new investment like many good funds mirae asset emerging bluechip have imposed

So AMC SIPs with pause and modify along with mandate for auto-pay is need of hour.

Many platforms like kuvera and groww have thos feature via bse star in non demat mode then why zerodha is not able to implement same thing in demat mode?


By when will this be ready for use? what is the blockers please share some intermediate updates

@Bhuvan please share some progress on mandate to automate sips please

We’ve been testing it, so far so good :crossed_fingers: I’ll keep updating the thread.

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Wow that’s good news @Bhuvan let’s hope soon we see this live and all coin users will be happy if its done soon

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