Buy/Sell from Charts on Kite

Can we have the facility where we can buy and sell instruments directly from the popout charts of our computers. This will help in placing the orders more quickly as soon as we see a buy/sell indication on the popout chart.


This is a very good feature suggestion and Zerodha must try to implement this in kite.

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@nithin can we have this feature, I guess this is not too much. You are already providing this feature in the mobile platform.

Yes, coming on kite 3.0


Okay, great. Looking forward to it. When is it coming?

And can we have ability to place BO/CO too from the chart directly instead of just mis order?

Great News…! Can we configure the Hot keys in Pi…?

Now if you ask this question you are (un)officially considered as Troll :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you can read numerous such comments from like 2014,15,16.
The given gem is from July this year

:astonished: oh

:slight_smile: nah… kite 3.0 we started talking about only few months back… but yeah new Q we have been talking about from 2016 onwards… didnt’ think of all the issues we will hit…

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any tentative release date of new version of kite/Q?

Don’t want to give dates, but we are getting very close.


Don’t want to give dates, but we are getting very close.

At least can you please say that you will abide by your previous responses that it will be here before End of the Year?

Fingers crossed, hopefully much earlier.


Fingers crossed, hopefully much earlier.

Ah! Lack of a deadline kills. Companies usually keep an ETA and a planned launch date. Anyways, thanks for the update.

Here riots happened and happening and we are banging heads on non-issue(relatively)
Zerodha couldn’t even give stable environment to trade.
Traders lost like lakhs today due to cheap zerodha leased lines.
And this has happened like 4? 5? times (@nitihin will correct me to actual figure of 3 only! :P)
It seems we ned to keep fingures crossed for zerodha survival

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Agreed! Those few errors here and there were acceptable, only because we could place a repeat order and it would go through. However, what has happened today was a complete mess.

Today’s incident more or less washed out any hopes I had from the following lines stated at the 7th birthday of Zerodha:

We are also investing heavily in a disaster recovery setup at a new data center in a completely different geographic location.

I did not see any fruit of this investment. Maybe a dead investment is all it is!

It seems we need to keep fingures crossed for zerodha survival

The affiliate marketers who have flooded Quora and YouTube will keep on bringing new clients to Zerodha. The negative voice will be suppressed time and again, so the survival seems all good, at least in the short run.

A solid and reliable infrastructure which is scaleable as per the growing number of clients is the first thing that Zerodha should have done. I am using Zerodha’s service since August. There were always some issues here and there, but at the end of the day, they were just small and workable. However, today’s disaster is compelling me to look elsewhere for my trading needs, even if I didn’t lose a paisa due to the networking issues from today. Thank god I slpet late last night that I woke up late!

Today’s problem was with exchanges itself.
Problems faced by traders with other brokers as well

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Thank you, Maddy. I was not aware. Maybe I can take some of my words back now :blush: