Buy the FEAR Sell the GREED- Warren Buffet

Hai all long term investor ,

Warren Buffet always wait for deep correction , when other are fear , warren always greed , need to learn from genius,
In market there is always an oppourtunity , lot of retail will failure in investment and trade ,
this CORNAVIRUS market is not suitable for trades . but its best suitable for investment , if anybody want to become rich this market is giving oppourtunity for you now,

Investment strategy - Dont time the market its really hard , when market is going down analaysic will give target its will go down to 11k ,10k etc , if its going up its will touch 12k 13k , so never depended on others

when the market is correcting the fruits is coming near to your mouth grab or leaving its upto you
if you are not expert , when the market is correcting just invest 20% of your capital in index ETF or soundly fundemental stock like index stock , every fall invest slicely , when the market will recover its will pull up in high speed , always be an longterm investment …
good luck



I would say invest 10% per fall , we dont know how long it will fall.


In my portfolio i have diversified with lot of sectors , total i have 15 scrip , 5 scrip in minor red 6 scrip in minor profit 4 scrip in high profit , that is

Embassy office is up 30% in my portfolio
Gold bees is up 18%

overall my portfolio is up by 8% , whatever the loss in some stock embassy and gold will makup , falling stock and ETF i will accumulate every DIP

I am trying to accumulate GOLD And REIT Embassy 30% overall in my portfolio its Safe heaven Bets

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what happen to your niftybees and bankbees , what are the returns now

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I never invest in nifty bees , i invest only in bankbees my avg price is 312 , now its trading at 307 its all sip , every month if any big fall i will buy some more on particular day ,
In recent fall in my portfolio all of my stock are not fallen that much , today 9 stock went up only 1 to 2 % , my choosen stock are fundamentally good and cash rich and debt free and pledge free , promoter holding is more than 50 % so i never need to worry , i am waiting to come down my stock to accumulate more , but those stock are not coming down let see in coming days these stock are coming down means i am happy to accumulate more

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thats nice , what do you mean by pledge free ? and where do check promoters holdings ?

Pledge FREE means : promoter will kept his own share to NBFC to take a loan , its really high risk , better to avoid those stock for investment , for example RELIANCE COMMUNICATION


wow , thanks for more knowledge :slight_smile: you don’t check others like PE ratio , quarterly earnings etc ?

Not That Much , quaterly earning will be + or - we cannot judge with earning , PE May be i can see but i will give more important in my choosen stock want to be

Market Cap above 80 k cr
Free cash Flow
Debt Free
Pledge Free
Fundamentally good or Easy Business(Not Cyclical)
Promoter holding more than 50% Etc
Dividended yield 1% to 3%

So Only in this recent fall also my portfolio not fall that much - Warren Buffet Strategy
Always my investment and trades want to be simple

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There is three cash flow filters , which one

  • Operating Cash Flow

  • Investing Cash Flow

  • Financing Cash Flow


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Thank you , market capital is important ?

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Yes Market capital Above 80 K cr

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Eagerly waiting to invest in US market
And invest in tech companies, google, amazon, apple, facebook, microsoft a big five technology companies with bright future for investors🤑

@Riyas_Ahamed can you suggest me specific sectors to invest in this time that could give higher returns??

I preferely recommended to invest or accumulate bank bees ETF and fmcg sector stock ,
I don’t like ITC other stock are good to invest because fmcg can give downside protection
Preference nifty or Sensex ETF , Bank bees ETF
Insurance and AMC stock are good for long term like 20+ years but those stock are not coming down
Domestic based pharma company can good good returns in long term

when market will recover these thing will run fast

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This is the 3rd time experiance due to market downfall , in 2008 i dont know about market , just simply buying and seeling the stock , on that time i only know intraday , i lost 30% of my money , on that time the capital in 1 lakhs , after i lost 30k in market i quit trading for 4 years , then i fly to dubai to get a job and learn the risk management , and i get a chance to learn OPTION ,
the mentor teach me how you can stay in the market for lifetime , The important lesson they teach me its really usefull for my life now , in this recent fall my portfolio is in green only , option trading in the recent fall also i managed professionally ended in the profit ,
1- Expect Rational return from the market Ex- 5 % per month , if you achieve this percentage quite trading for the month wait for next month, Most people loose money because when they achieved 5 % they will trade again to get another 5% the same month the entired capital will wipe out on one month ,
2- Transfer your profit to diffrent asset class to shine your future requirment
3- never borrow money for trading
4- downside market compulsery avoid trading - or limited qty to trade
5- start accumulating asset on downside market
6-never loose 1% of your capital in one month
7- never enter the market without strategy
8-better to avoid intraday trading
9-Always keep aside 20% of amout in FD (or) Debt and 10% of amount in gold and 20% in REIT Real estate -Never put all your capital in any kind of trading , its really dangerous

I will never buy any asset from my own pocket , i alway buy asset from my option trading profit only
I buy own land worth 18 L , 7 lakhs worth gold , 15 L worth stock Etc… all are from my option trading profit only
i will never aggresive in the market . i am more conservative trader cum investor


#CoronaVirus will be history after few month.
Now it’s time to
Karo Na #Investment


Hey , I have a doubt , I know that if market is falling , gold price will increase , what about real estate ? It will fall or rise.

When do real estate actually fall ?

today in my portfolio Embassy reit is up above 4 % , its will give rent every 3 month any dip we can buy , realestate embassy is commercial rel estate company its wil not fall that much , there is no season on that , it will grow gradually , but you can byu in lot only per lot 200 qty you can calculate it

i buyed @370 3 lot