Can any one share own intra day strategy?

does the supertrend gives indication on minute chart also ?

but can really be all dependent on the indicators ?
and how do u select stocks ?
which stocks should i use for intraday

which r 3 different EMA charts at what periods ?

hi can i get in touch with u just to get myself a little more explained Q&A on intraday as i m completely new to intraday trades and i have lost much amount .

Sure. Add me on Whatsapp (9047022314). I will respond and clarify any doubts you may have.

You can just go thru this post:

Although Supertrend works on all timeframes, but 1 min timeframe is very impulsive of nature and might not be that concrete unless u r scalping mere paise profit with huge qty. If following supertrend strategy either use trend following indicator like macd in same time frame or use multiple time frame combo like say 15 min - 5 min or daily - 1 hr etc. Take action only when lower timeframe gives signal corresponding to higher timeframe…
Summary for same time frame:
MACD positive cross over, supertrend signal buy (Green arrows) - buy above high of signal candle
MACD negative cross over, supertrend signal sell (Red arrows) - sell below low of signal candle

Summary for multi-time frame:
15 min - positive, 5 min positive - buy above high of 5 min signal
15 min - negative 5 min negative - short below low of 5 min signal…

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For Intraday trading if u r purely using charts then, u need to be very focussed and disciplined about the system.
The timeframe which u choose is most crucial one, I prefer multi time frame combos like 15 min - 5 min or 1 hr - 15 min for assured signals.

Regarding stocks to buy / sell, well there r multiple ways, 1 of them is u can go for NR7 breakout stocks ie buy above breach of previous day high of nr 7 stock or sell below breach previous day low of nr7 stock.
Many do contra trade ie buy the top loser when rsi is below 20 or short top gainer when rsi is above 80
some buy / sell stocks which have given supertrend buy or sell signal on previous day on breach on previous day high or low respectively

See it depends on how much faith u show in the system u follow, money and risk management discipline and u stay with your system

you can use these links to find NR 7 stocks & supertrend signal stocks… ie shortlist stocks for trading next day


  2. - sell below low of signal candle

  3. - buy above high of signal candle

Kindly do ur own due diligence research and dont follow anyones suggestion blindly… All the best :slight_smile:


Thank you very much it was helpful vipul . Would surly get back to you if i come with any query

Do you use zerodha pi or jstock ?

Nowadays I use chartink to scan with my parameters. Have stopped using jstock as it takes quite a bit of time for scanning. Chartink is easier and faster.

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So you this tool just to pick the stocks for intraday trades.can i use zerodha pi as it also provides studies like ema and macd

Scanning with pi is a pain. This is why I use chartink. By far the best scanner with our custom parameters.

Does chartink give real time intra-day price

It doesn’t. Data delayed by 15 mins.

However, I don’t need intraday prices for my trading strategy.

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but it can also be when ur MACD crossover gives signal and u immediately buy but then if the MACD goes suddenly below signal line then dont u get losses ???
I mean that it is matter of seconds that take for MACD to reach from down to up or from up to down .
How can one surely say that MACD will remain up fo some time or down for some time .

Using supertrend along with macd gives u better probability of winning trade and 2 more benefits…

  1. As supertrend is based on ATR or Average True Range, supertrend level itself acts as a support or resistance level… So breach of this level informs us that price may trend further in the direction
  2. It provides us stoploss level in case we are in profit or even when the trade goes awry…

It inculcates patience and prevents from entering impulsive trade. Hence I combine these 2 before trade… :smile:

Vipul can you tell one more thing .
What period should i set for Ema , macd and supertrend for intraday trade basis.

EMA cud b 5 or 13 (No such hard and fast rule)
Supertrend set to 10,2 (faster signal - useful for intraday) or 10,3 (stable and stringent for positional as it filters more whipsaw)
Macd set to default…
These work for me :smile:
I request u to further experiment and paper trade or trade on low qty in actual first to get the optimum results… Supertrend generally has 44% success ratio… All the best :grinning:

Why dont you use supertrends , MACD , VMAP or VTR bars for intraday and why only ema and Rsi .
in rsi u mean 0-40 as oversold and 60-100 as overbrought ?

vipul and also why dont you use indicators like ema , vwap , aroon and ADX . why only supertrend and macd.