Can I download zerodha kite intraday data in excel? I am looking for historical NIFTY spot data for last as many years as possible

You can do this on Pi. Open the chart, and then export to excel.

Can we do the same extract procedure for multiple instruments present in the MarketWatch in Pi at once? Because I wish to do the same for some 4-5 instruments every trading day.

Thanking in anticipation :slight_smile:


An old topic, but still relevant.

As Pi is phased out, is there any other way to get historical intraday data from kite or other sources?
I’m looking for CSV output of 5 min data of Nifty50 stks & Nifty + BN indexes.
Timeframe - last 1 year (which is already available in Kite web)

Hey @Som_E, we recently launched a new version of ChartIQ charts on Kite web, it has the option to export data to excel. This should help you. You can check out more details here: Chartiq Upgrade is Live on Kite

Hi @ShubhS9
Thanks for the prompt reply!
That’s a nice feature!

Is there any way to input dates for the data range I require?
Example - I require 1 year of 5min candle data.
But the ChartIQ is only allowing me one month at a time.

Is it possible to download one year of 5 min data at once?

Currently, only the data displayed on the chart window can be exported.

Not currently, but we’ll check for the feasibility to allow downloading more candle data.