Chartiq Upgrade is Live on Kite

The latest version of Chartiq has been integrated into Kite Web. This post contains a list of new Chartiq features that everyone needs to know.

How to switch to the new chartiq?

Select Chartiq 8 (beta) under settings from the kite web profile page. For the time being, the new chartiq has been added as an additional option under the settings.

List of new features:

  1. Shortcut keys for various functions: One of the frequently requested features is shortcuts for drawings. This is available on chariq now.

  1. Custom timeframe : Traders want to go beyond traditional methods of analysis. Now, users can study market behavior in various timeframes by switching to custom timeframes.

  1. Chart data to Excel: Now we can download chart data to Excel and perform various data analysis with Excel formulas as needed.

  1. New indicators: Projected Aggregate volume, Projected Volume at time, Volatility Projection Cone, Moving Average Cross, Guppy Multiple Moving Average, Enhanced anchored VWAP with a vertical line to click and drag.

  2. New drawings: Elliott wave, Magnet, Volume profile by date range.

Volume profile by date range.

  1. Pin favorited drawings: when a drawing tool is marked as a favorite, it is now pinned to the top position in the tool list.

  2. Tool tip: It is useful to see accurate historical indicator values.

  1. Fullscreen feature: We can view charts in fullscreen mode for improved visualisation.

  1. Detach and attach the drawing tool bar: We can detach and relocate the drawing tool bar.

  1. Continuous chart data is added to currency contracts.

  2. Enhanced the user interface:

Updated menu styling — dropdown menus have been enhanced with rounded edges, switches instead of checkboxes.

Icons on Chart Types menu — icons have been added to the Chart Types menu for easier recognition of chart types.

  1. Dedicated settings button with the following menus. Range selector, multiple charts, continuous charts, yaxis preferences, and themes.

  1. X-axis labeling based on calendar priority - X-axis labels now display on two lines and are based on calendar priority to highlight the beginning of a unit of time.

  2. Trade from chart: When we place a buy order above the CMP, trade from the chart places SLM orders. In the new version, SL orders will be placed instead of SLM.

  3. Chart to backtest (powered by Streak): We have a streak button on the chart menu that allows us to run backtests by clicking on it. Backtesting will be performed using the indicators that have been applied. The algorithm selects a widely used strategy and runs a backtest on it. A client may run a maximum of ten free backtests per day. More than ten backtest and edit strategies require a streak subscription.

To learn more about CTB, please refer to this page.

There are so many other improvements to the chart, but I don’t want to make this post any longer than it is already. The most noticeable ones are listed here.

Can I access the previous version of Chartiq?

Yes, clients can access the previous Chartiq, TV, and new Chartiq 8 versions for now. The previous version of Chartiq will be phased out shortly.

Can I use the new chartiq on the app?

No, the new Chartiq option will be added to the app in the next update.

Can I use the views and drawings saved on the previous version chartiq?

Yes, views, drawings, and preferences are synced between previous and current chartiq versions.

Please post any feedback on this update in this thread.


Amazing !! Thanks to the Team @Tradingqna

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Brilliant ,Thank You

export to excel has some weird timestamp like 2022-09-12T09:58:00.000Z (at 2022-09-12 3.29 PM)
Please correct it and please make the date and time split into 2 columns.
You have worked hard to provide the option, but please please test it properly so that it is usable.


I have been using this updated version today and the trade from chart update with SL order instead of SLM is great for me.

Something is broken. It seems UTC time is being displayed. noted, will check this.

I do not think it is possible. let me check.

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I can see this option ChartIQ 8 BETA in my Kite profile settings. is this available for everyone? Can anyone shed some light on it?


ohh yes! i saw this today, i think they have updated the UI and have added some new features as well

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Please check out the main post above, @Aayush_Chauhan247.



Amazed by CTB (chart to backtest) as I have never seen such feature anywhere. Looking forward to it.

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Ya me too. CTB looks like an amazing concept.

Hi @Arockiya_Raja, This is good stuff. Thanks for the update.

Great feature because it not only gives OHLCV data but technical indicator values as well.

I will explore more … However, I can’t help but notice that in the GIFs you are sharing - you have some sort of mechanism that seems to be allowing you to recognise candlestick patterns like Shooting Star, Hammer, Engulfing, etc. How are you doing it? Is this a new ChartIQ feature? Is this being done automatically or manually?

This is an indicator available in Zerodha Chartiq. This is available in the new Chartiq and in the previous version of Chartiq as well. Not available on the kite app Chartiq, it will be made available on the app in a few weeks.

Ok. Got it. I completely missed that update on Kite Web. :frowning:
Would look forward to having it in Kite App … Thanks.

This CTB is interesting. I tried with the Supertrend and RSI indicator and it automatically applied the indicators and backtested on past data.

I use firefox and chart doesnt load on firefox, is it chrome exclusive?

No, can you hard refresh (ctrl+shift+r) and try once?

actually I tried logging out 4 times still didnt work

This is some serious and amazing update from the Kite team, I must say impressive. The out-of-box idea to add a Chart to Backtest in collaboration with the Streak team here on the chart itself is also amazing.

Happy with the update and wish both Kite and Streak all the best for this.