Can regular income be earned through scalping?


Nowadays people close trade by taking 0.3% profit through scalping and in the same day, by doing 15-20 trades, they make a significant profit. how?

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Regular or consistent income using Scalping is possible but it requires good knowledge & strict discipline.

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It depends on you. What we all know is 99% scalpers are in loss. LOL.


Feels good to be among 1%.:innocent:


if you master scalping , you get highest returns than any one.


Just came across this video , not mine - he made 60k to 14 lakhs in 45 days with pure scalping


Although i don’t do scalping, its interesting to see someone talking so confident.


Regular will be difficult as probability of loss is always there. Scalping income should never be depended upon …it should be added income only.


Lol, never trust such click baits, there are thousands such videos on YouTube for grabbing views :grin:


he showed his contract notes live.


Well you can search little more on YouTube and find videos which shows how to show fake/manipulated contract notes or PnL live. All I am saying is I am against such YouTubers who lures innocent traders, have nothing against scaping


But not all are like that , 100 criminals can escape , but not one good person should be punished…

I know we can inspect element and do stuff , but what if he is real ?

I am scalper and I take 100 traders to 200 trades per day., I know that kind of income is possible.


Dear @dheeraj :grinning: ppl (traders) believing these fake YouTube videos is absolutely normal. It was happening 300 yrs ago, happening today and will continue to happen after 300 yrs also. Otherwise how mkt ecosystem will function in a healthy way?

Can you believe in 18th century there was a company in US which was turning Cock into Goat and ppl were buying this company’s stocks like mad :rofl::rofl::rofl: These things are normal in stock markets like ppl believing viral babas these days. Have you heard about “Candy Baba” of Haryana? Ppl were throwing lakhs of rs on him :grinning:


Once again I repeat, I am not saying anything against scaping, I know it’s profitable for those who are good at it.

Not sure why you are not able to understand what I am trying to say about YouTubers, but won’t waste my time anymore by banging my head against the wall.

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What I am saying is what if I post my scalping in youtube ? So I automatically become scammer ? all I am saying is not all are fake , maybe 99% are fake.

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This is my actual system , that made 130 points in flat market in 1 hour with several trades .

Unlisted video - , I don’t have any channel or promotion , if I post it in youtube and if you people just say scam scam scam , without even analysing , that is wrong I am saying.


@99Bulls yeah bro, it’s surprising to see that when you try to help people by warning them, they would still hold on to their beliefs. Bhalai ka zamana hi nahi Raha :joy:

Undoubtedly Baba’s will continue to rule followers :sweat_smile:


Woah, which system/software is that, looks impressive


Which is this trading system


It is my own system based on tick chart and 100’s of algorithms in behind … lots of red signals means , price will fall , lots of green means price will go up.

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