Can we hide or categorize holding from Kite's Holding Page

Since i do long term investment and short term investment.
Is there any ways to create different category under Holding’s Page.
Since i would like to see longterm stocks separately and shotterm stocks separately under my holdings page in Kite.


I do something similar, but no, there is no facility to tag investments (for now).

Can you take this as a feature request

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Please add this feature. Many people including me needs very much thus feature.

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You can use the Tag option temporarily on Zerodha’s Console. This is how I am keeping track of my investments and it’s awesome. The ideal way would be to have this on Kite which I think they have mentioned that they are working towards.

While you can tag post taking a trade on Console, the optimal way would be to tag quickly while placing the order itself on Kite & Coin. This is on our list of things to do. Not just make it easy to tag, but also Nudge you, reminding if what you are tagging has been profitable for you or not. This is from here.


as a cheat code ( but costly ) … whenever I think a stock to be long term investment I Pledge it so that it is not visible in the holdings … but still visible in console.

they charge roughly 40rs for pledging , it is worth trying , coz even for short term stocks whenever you want to exit , sebi changed the rules as they want margin , so in two ways itll be useful

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@yogesh.j.r @Karthik

you can check this…developed by @Amit_Rana1