Cancelled order charges

Is there any charges whatsoever for cancelled orders (Equity or other segments). It could be cancelled manually or by the system…

Intra day square off is NOT a order cancellation.
It is putting in counter order to exit existing intraday position

Sorry my bad i was thinking otherwise

OKAY… good to know… a counter question though… If you are buying/selling one stock multiple times, how the taxes and other charges are calculated.

Are the charges at the end of the day -
Sum (All Buys of a stock )
Sum (All Sells of a stock )

Charges for each buy and sell order separately

Oh no… for example… if I was buying same stock

100 X 100/-
100 X 98/-

Will the EoD charges be at -
200 X 99 /-

Yes, that’s correct @S_gupta if both orders are BUYs. And no if one is a BUY and another is a SELL (Cover) because they are 2 different actions one is a BUY and another SELL.

Thank you @Lakshmikanth_Jadhav, @maddy_Des can you too confirm this …

Total charges of
200 X 99 /-

Will be the total of the charges of
100 X 100/-
100 X 98/-


Mathematically it is same, but the BUY and SELL are treated differently with regards to taxation calculations. Infact, there are taxation variations again if the SELL is a CNC/BTST or intraday.

I for one buying CNC only… I don’t like losses :slight_smile: … so if I am in profit in that session, I might sell it…

Can you highlight these two tax attributes…

CNC buy, CNC sell - same day…
CNC buy, CNC sell - next day…

I do not know the exact values for it, but the below is how it is treated
CNC buy, CNC sell - same day…INTRADAY
CNC buy, CNC sell - next day…BTST (Buy Today sell Tomorrow)

BTST - So is this charge same as if I sale it after 10 days ?

Same day buy/sell in one side and everything else on the other side in equities ?


Could not understand your question

Charges will change for 10 days.
It will Include DP charges also.

Not able to understand this question.

Sorry… I meant to say… Intraday charges are one set of charges and all other trades are another set of charges. So if I am not selling today that I just bought… It doesn’t matter about charges if I sell it tomorrow or after 10 days… ?

  1. If order is greater than 2lakhs in terms of turnover then
    If you buy 2000 shares for 100 and then again 2000 shares for 98
    you will have to pay brokerage twice ie Rs 20+Rs 20
    If you buy 4000 shares for 99 then you need to pay RS. 20 ONLY ONCE

  2. It turnover per order is less than 2lakh then no difference as brokerage in percentage wise and not fixed @20.

  3. For BTST no DP charges but after t+2 days DP also included

Wow… @maddy_Des Where do you find these details. I don’t recall seeing these on the list of charges…


I would like to know one thing… If i place a CNC order and suppose there is no seller.
What will happen at the end?
Will my order gets cancelled and i will be charged?

Charges will be applicable on order execution only. If no offer to your buy order, the order will be cancelled by end of the trading session.

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