Can't link Aadhaar with trading account

I am trying to link aadhaar using . But I am not able to because my mobile number is not linked with aadhaar. Also I am unable to register it as most aadhaar centres are not functional.

Seems like 31st Dec is the last date to link. Please suggest a way out of this situation. Can’t you guys used the number registered with you like karvy is doing? Please help.

Aadhar centres are working, just that private vendors have been barred from doing any updates. You will have to approach a UIDAI centre to get it updated.

Supreme court has directed the govt to extend it till 31st March. So you’ve plenty of time. You can update your mobile number at Aadhaar center or maybe on website.

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Is this also for Trading account or only for Bank account?

I guess both

HI @Kariya, even I faced the same situation and talked to support team, here is the solution,
please log into Q and go to this URL:

I uploaded like this only…

Thanks. I did this. Not really sure if this is going to link aadhaar. I could not find a place where I can check the status.

Hii I have done the same thing. Do they provide links to check the status?


Why I Am Getting This Message While Linking My Aadhar With My Trading Account

@siva Can You Help ME On Above Topic

i have uploded aadhar card using above link. please tell me whether it is getting link or not.

how we check status whether it has link or not ?

Hey I have forgotten to link my zerodha account with aadhaar. Supreme court have extended deadline indefinitely. So is it still mandatory ?

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