Can't see Bank nifty weekly options in kite

Why is it so very difficult to add bank nifty weekly options to market watch? Is it something that zerodha is intentionally doing? Because I could see nifty weekly options easily but not banknifty. Even if I exactly type strike price (like Banknifty 18th Jun) still I am not able to find it. I have to go to sensibull to place order

It is easy to add banknifty weekly options , just search with the strike price example "20500 ce " , you will get sorted list of all banknifty weekly options available to add it in market watch.


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Right, but why is it not as easy as nifty where you just type Nifty 18th and see most of strike prices? If I had to select 10 strike prices to market watch, I have to type 10 strike prices?

Another worst thing that the scroll you see in the above pic of utterly useless. It doesn’t allow you to scroll after certain no of results. That’s a real poor design.

Something is fishy here I believe.

@siva @nithin

Can type as below

Add on app at one shot and then login to web, as of now one has to add 10 times on web if they intend to add 10 different options.


Exactly my point - Like you showed in the above pic, try doing the same for Banknifty and it won’t happen - Banknifty 18

Easy thing would be type nifty or banknifty followed by strike.

hmm… circling back to the original question, to add 10 strikes to my watchlist, I need to change my query 10 times, unfortunately huh (unlike Nifty)?