CDSL Registration

I would very much like to check my holdings on CDSL account but unfortunately, I was unable to register.
It only works on Internet Explorer, coz silverlight plugin won’t support chrome or firefox.
I followed everything which is written in this thread

Now the issue is, every time I try to register it says, “Could not connect to server, Please contact CDSL administrator”. I tried both ‘easi’ and ‘easiest’ registration- both having same issue. :triumph:

Anyone else had this problem ?

Other brokers like e.g Angel Broking, they keep their client holdings on their own DP pool for their own leverage, which is I think illegal.

Make sure you try during trading hours or Day time. CDSL servers are down during night. Initially I also faced same issue, yesterday i tried using cdsl mobile app during trading hours and it worked without any issues.

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Yap, I already registered, tried during market hours and it worked. I do see my holdings on CDSL.