CDSL Transfer shares Online from one Demat to another

I have a trusted account in CDSL easiest and want to transfer shares online from one BO to another. However, I donot see the option to transfer shares.

How can I transfer the shares online?

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@MohitBangalore Can you.

@MohitBangalore Can please help with this issue ?

Have you done all the steps mentioned below:

This is from CDSL’s operating instructions.

@VenuMadhav Yes i have a trusted Account. But its still not clear how to transfer in Easiest account. There are multiple options , which i’m not that clear about. I have even raised request in CDSL for procedure but no response from them.

The ‘Trusted account’ is a facility of sorts that allows you to transfer securities to pre-approved demat accounts. Please get in touch with your Depository Participant if you need any help, not with CDSL. If you have a demat account at Zerodha, raise a support ticket here:

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@VenuMadhav I want to move all my shares from one of my older Demat account to Zerodha. I think i might have to raise request on first Demat account not on Zerodha

Yes, that’s correct. You will have to get in touch with the entity where you’re holding your shares currently.

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Thank you for your Guidance @VenuMadhav

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Do I need to Group the trusted Accounts too, because that’s additional step to adding a trusted account to CDSL which I have already done?

There’s no specific grouping as such. @Pawan would be able to help.

Zerodha needs to come up with a tutorial.

Yes, you need to group the trusted account and your DP need to authenticate your request.
After then you will be able to see and transfer the securities from your Demat Account to Trusted Demat Account.

what is trusted account ? what is the need/use/importance of trusted account?

Trusted Accounts are those Demat accounts wherein a BO desires to transfer his/her securities through easiest.

Trusted Account Transfer permits transfer of securities from one Beneficiary Owner(BO) account to another Beneficiary Owner’s account. BOs can transfer the securities to any four CDSL Demat accounts of his/her choice, which have been pre-notified by the BO while registering for the facility. BOs who have opted for Trusted Account option cannot set up inter depository transactions.

Transactions through the trusted account option can be set up and has to be approved by an additional Personal Identification Number (PIN), which will be emailed to the BO separately, i.e, if any BO opts for the Trusted Account option, he will receive two separate emails with two separate passwords, one for accessing his “easiest” log-in and second for the PIN for authorising his/her transactions.

So, I went to Edit grouping on cdsl website and added my 2nd BO. Now, I got PDF which says:
I/We would like to group above mentioned account for the easi service. I /We am/are aware that easi service is
available to me/us which only enables me/us to view the security balances lying in the said accounts.
I/We am/are aware that in the event of the above account being marked as a secondary account to a login,
the authorized user of the login would be able to view the security balances lying in the said account.
I/We hereby agree to the terms and conditions that I/We have read earlier for availing the said service.

This says the grouping will be done for easi service…which only allows to view the security balances. However as far as i know, transfer facility is with easiest.

Shall I have it stamped by my old broker and speedpost to CDSL? Thanks for all your help here.

You need to take a print sign and send to your DP’s register address to approve your grouping request in MyEasi