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I am planning to move out of Zerodha and plan to do it in a phased manner. I am invested in Direct Mutual Funds through coin in SIP manner. Now, I would want to redeem only those units which qualify for LTCG.

I have thoroughly checked Coin platform but there is no way to redeem only those units which qualify for LTCG.

@nithin / @faisr - Am I missing something here? Can you please help?

Raj Pawan Gumdal

When you redeem FIFO is applied (First in first out). So whatever is the oldest is what will be redeemed for the purpose of calculating capital gains.

Btw, why are you moving out of Zerodha? :slight_smile:


Thanks Nithin for the reply. I didn’t know that it redeems in FIFO by default.

No offence about moving out, have been in Zerodha since I started investment. Everything is good, but it’s not pocket friendly for F&O trading especially who are small retailers like me. I am doing Algo and the Kite Connect charges of Rs. 2,000/- per month along with Rs. 20/- per order has been heavy on me, provided that there are many alternatives now to trade free in Intraday without brokerage and without explicit charges for API it makes more sense for me to venture out.

I have written to your support team requesting for waiver, but got to know that there are no provisions as such.

Anyways, thanks for your swift reply and I wish you best luck. Keep up the good work.

Raj Pawan Gumdal

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Step 1: Open an account with Kuvera.
Step 2: Import your MF portfolio CAS on Kuvera.
Step 3. Using Kuvera’s TradeSmart feature, determine the units that quality for LTCG.
Step 4: Log in to Coin and redeem that many units.
Step 5: Once units are redeemed, repeat Step 2 to update MF holding in Kuvera.

@nithin @faisr Can’t we add this feature in Coin as well? It’s quite helpful for rebalancing. We won’t have to be dependent on Kuvera then.


@nithin @faisr Can’t we add this feature in Coin as well? It’s quite helpful for rebalancing. We won’t have to be dependent on Kuvera then.

→ There are lot of features like this if added to coin will definitely make it great platform.
Some of the most basic features missing in coin -

  • Filtering / grouping option in the dashboard
  • CAGR or XIRR
  • Goal tracking / tagging investments
  • Portfolio Analysis Charts
  • SWP

Hey @Prashant_Bhat,

  1. & 4) Can you please elaborate on this?
  2. We are showing XIRR scheme-wise for your holdings
  3. We recently launched a tagging feature for your holdings in Console. Please check the details in this article.
  4. We are currently working on this and should be live soon.
  1. Filtering - say I just want to see my investments in ELSS - I should have the option to filter only ELSS funds invested in my dashboard.
    Grouping - Instead of displaying the dashboard as a plain list of funds invested - you can give option to users to group them according to fund category / AMC / year of investment / capital gains etc. It gives great visibility to investor.

  2. Displaying XIRR inline in the portfolio is important - why do I have to click each fund to see the XIRR? And I see that XIRR is 0 for all funds - I don’t think it is calculated correctly.

  3. Great! Thank You! When we manage all mutual funds in coin, it makes sense to add tagging feature to coin.

  4. Are you talking about SWP?

  1. Thanks for the feedback, will discuss with our team on the possibilities.
  2. We are working on a solution to show this on a portfolio level.

Can you please raise a ticket here? We’ll have this checked.

  1. We wanted to maintain all tags within Console since this is your back-office for analyzing the data on all securities(equity, ETFs,MF, etc). We’ll discuss this with the team and check if it’s feasible to show this within Coin as well.

  2. Yep, referring to SWP.


As suggested, I have raised ticket for XIRR issue.