Coin web 2.0 beta

It’s taken a while but Coin web 2.0 web is now live in beta. We’ve completely revamped the platform and it’s now slick, clutter-free and fast just like the Coin app. The first step was to completely revamp the platform, we’ll over time add more actionable data points and insights.

Please check out the platform and let us know if you spot any issues or bugs.

The other long-pending feature request has been STP/STP. The way we had initially thought of is to allow STP between any funds across AMCs. The way it currently works is only between funds of the same AMC. We had built the feature and were planning to release it along with the new web but unfortunately, SEBI came out with this circualr, which completely changes the way Coin works. Meaning, we can’t allow STP/SWP across AMCs at least as the way things stand.

The priority, for now, is to transition Coin and then rebuild STP/SWP and other features from scratch. So please bear with us :expressionless:

There are some changes in the way the holdings will be shown, these aren’t issues. We’ve explained them here:


yes totally understandable @Bhuvan, its ok if we are missing few things we will bear with it like we are doing since years.
But this is the kind of transparency and trust we need and expect from Zerodha.

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I haven’t ignored your comments, Akash, please bear with this one more time :sweat_smile: We were testing the new flow that we had built but this circular meant that the entire thing had to be scrapped :frowning:


Thanks Zerodha Team for refreshing update.

One bug and few suggestions

Mutual Fund explorer

  1. Filter expense ratio range is 0.1 to 3
    Navi index fund has expense ratio of 0.06. Since its outside filter range , it doesn’t appear on screen, if I want to see index funds with lowest expense ratios Would suggest to start range with 0.1

  2. Its not bug, but I have buttery fingers, for me using sliding range becomes problematic. It it fits in your UX guidelines consider including kbd input box for min and max values of slider.

  3. It would be nice , when filtered mutual fund list is displayed, second line (AUM₹5,218.76 Cr. Dividend reinvest Index Funds Index Funds) contains some of the filter values. Instead display all filter values
    I mean 2nd line (information line) should look like
    AUM Dividend reinvest Index Funds Index Funds min_purchase_value Expence_ratio 1yrCAGR 3 yrCAGR, 5 yrCagr

Mutual fund holdings

  1. P&L should have XIRR column (at least, give option of download CSV having XIRR column )
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@Bhuvan its not showing my SGB and ETF , even though I invested . they are visible in portfolio but not in coin 2.0.

SGB’s and ETF’s are listed and traded in the exchanges, so these will be visible in your holdings on Kite, not on Coin.

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@ShubhS9 ohh … then you should remove the heading SGB and ETF in coin 2.0 . it is very confusing you put the heading and then it will show your investement is zero . which gives a scary chill when you look at it after investing huge amount. Kindly correct it .

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This is for when you apply for ETF NFO’s or SGB’s when fresh trance is issued.

The Amount here should display investment amount for Government bonds or always display zeros ?


@Bhuvan just to bring this to your notice, I’m not able to view one of my Mutual Fund holdings (L&T Midcap Fund) on and also in the mobile App, only visible on

I have raised the concern for mobile app a year ago and recently came to know you folks launched “coinv2”.

Now I’m concerned , how will i be able to do further transactions in “future”, if it’s not visible in mobile app as well as “coinv2” website as “coin” website will be deprecated at some point of time right…
There’s no other option (as per customer care executive) to sell/do transaction on the particular MF holding as there’s no Call & Trade option available for MF.

I have provided more details on:
Ticket ID: # 20211102290793 (coinv2 website - I have called up the support for more than 4-5 times to get an update in the last 3 weeks)
Ticket ID: #20201112457671 (mobile app - ticket is closed as they said due to technical issues, it’s not visible. I agreed to that because it’s visible atleast on coin website, But now I’m worried)

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Thanks bhuvan.

Hi @Bhuvan and Team… Any update ?

@suresh_kumar2 as discussed over the call our development team has been checking this issue and we will get this fixed shortly.

Thanks @Neelesh

A complete revamp has been done and this looks good. Although I do not use this particular platform, I am still pleased with it and have recommended it to others.

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Can you please include the option of downloading order history to get a list of all buy/sell transaction for the mutual fund holdings? This used to be available within order history tab in old web interface.
Ticket 20211220931922 raised for the same.

Hi, wanted to check if this was resolved and what was the root cause. Its deeply concerning if the platform starts hiding certain holdings and the user is expected to be doing reconciliation

I too am missing order history export. Pls add it back soon.

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We’re working on it. In the meanwhile, you can download the order history from Console under the trade book option. Here’s how.