Collateral Margin via ELSS

Q1. Can I pledge my tax saving elss fund? It has a lock in period of 3 years.

Q2. Can the successfully pledged fund/stock in equity be used to avail margin in commodities trading on MCX?

If not zerodha then which broker in india provides the same?

As it is already in lock-in. It cannot be pledged.

No, the collateral margin from the pledged EQ/MF can’t be used to trade in the MCX segment.

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Thank you for your answer. Just to confirm, its just not possible with any broker also, right?

I don’t think so. As they are locked in your demat account, it cannot be moved to the broker/NBFC account to give you the margin.

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Can I pledge after 3 years? Elss mutual funds?

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Nope, check this post.