Comparison of ETFs


While it is told that all the ETFs of any particular index are same irrespective of AMC, then why their prices as well as their percentage of annual return vary from each other?

What should be checked and taken in account before investing in any ETF for long term?

Would be happy to get your knowledge.

Thanks in advance.


Can you please refer two ETFs for example where you faced this issue. This will help in better understanding.

Prices are different obviously because they all have different start points and number of units ETF is divided into also varies

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You can give this post a read.

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Not likely facing any issue. Just trying to understand why ETF prices vary from each other while they are cumulative value of the same index…

Today Nifty Bees CP 122.75 while UTINIFTETF CP is 1227.10. 10 times higher than Nifty Bees.

Today’s return of Nifty Bees is 0.67%, but UTINIFTETF’s return is 0.27%.

I’m getting confused here. If they are same type of products of Nifty then their return also should be equal and proportionate. But, when it happens so, definitely I’m missing something here. I need more clarity on this.

I’ve read this post… But I think it is not my cup of tea. Better not to break my head in this complicated matter… :joy::joy::joy: