Confusion over different segments

I have recently started learning Trading, Opened a small account and successfully blow it off 50%, and Learned many things.
last week i made good return from day trading, However All i care is learning not profits out of which there are so many topics as it is like vast.
I kept telling me Trading is a Skill, anyone can obtain skill with Time and Effort…
There are so many segments here Like stocks F&O MCX , others… I want to stick with one and master it, Please can you give me your opinion about Risk Reward on trading stocks, F&O and others…,

PS:: please mention which suits which personality. and Time and Effort to achieve one (average)

You should try every segment by yourself. Accordingly, you will get an idea which segment suits you best according to your principle. Each segment requires different set of principle. You can’t just decide so early. Keep trading with less quantities. And Yes to learn you need to blow your money. That’s the only teacher we got. I blowed 80+ times.

Anyway, Try everything, decide yourself. Don’t go for others opinions. Because, There is a day you will lose again and that day, you might blame someone following others. Each segment has pros & cons.

No matter which segment you’re involved in, Same thing applies as long as you are into intraday.


Thank you for the reply, I like the way you explained it, Judging from your point, Equity is bit safe than future If we manage Risk and have good positioning.|
Like you said learning by doing is only way to understand…

thank you for your advice.

one more query, out of my loss 60% loss is broker fee… how can we cut broker fee, is zerodha charge 20 per trade even it is done with 1L capital ?

Bro…How did you survive blowing account 80 times

Yeah! Case looks same as mine. I paid around 3.6 Lakhs Brokerage out of 14 Lakhs. And after 2 years I realized ( IT’S NOT THE BROKERAGE TO BE WORRIED, IT IS ONE BAD TRADE WITH SLIGHT MOMENT (STOP LOSS). It’s never about a brokerage for Intrday trading. Everything is paid badly for wrong trades.

About the capital, Brokerage is Max 20 but pay extra attention, Every trade involves with cost charges as STT, GST, STAMP etc etc. So not just brokerage is 20, You should also consider other charges before taking the trade.

In the end- I survive because market ripped me off in all the way at the beginning days itself, That day I decided, No going back! And now i can earn some bucks easily comparing to earlier days of my life. It’s all about dedication and clarity about the markets how closely I observe. At the beginning I put money blindly in Lakhs, now in Thousands with very less quantity, Time to time things are getting into my favor than losing. What i can only suggest is invest or trade with 5000 or less or whatever you can get back again. Keep looking into the trades, Someday you might learn. If you still don’t get it. Better go for investing than trading.

Haven’t you read this? “You need chips to bet and if you lose all the chips you can’t bet”


Thank You,