Consistent Profitable Traders in Zerodha (Intraday) ? What Proportion of Zerodha's 60 day challenge are Successful

Hello, just out of curiosity i wonder about the number of consistent profitable intraday traders in Zerodha, and generally what proption of them are successful in ther 60 Day Challenge.


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Usually 7 to 10% of the 60 day challenges are won. But the same person winning say 5 challenges drops significantly, reduces to lesser than 1%.


Thanks a lot Mr.Kamath !

Your brutally honest answers brings in a lot of respect for you. Thanks and continue to be honest.


Consecutive 5 times or any sequence 5 times winners are less than 1 percent?

True given 10% traders make what the remaining 90% lose.

Thanks for encouraging me Zerodha.

Recently I own my 3rd challenge in the row for Commodities.

I hope my journey is a lot out there with Zerodha.


Consecutive 2 Times winner in 60 day challenge.
Segment’s - Equity, FO & Currency.

Maximum Profits in - Equity.
Maximum Loss in - Options.
Learning in Progress - Currency.

Covered my Loss in - Futures.


Bro In comm what u trade intra or swing

Intraday Crude Oil

Bro what tf?cos trading it is very tough

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Thanks bro,will follow that