Console Reporting

LTP of niftybees is 212.72. The same is right quoted in kite. However, in console its reported at 202.73. This difference is there from some time now and I felt like it should be brought to your notice.
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I believe this has an impact on the account value.

This is happening due to sometimes Console picking indicative NAV (iNAV) for these ETFs. We’re working on fixing this.

So there is 5 percent difference between LTP and iNAV?
That’s give an arbitrage opportunity. Doesn’t it?

iNAV scrip of the ETF only displays the price. It cannot be bought and sold, just like you cannot buy and sell Index.

If there is an arbitrage opportunity, you will have approach AMC and purchase ETF units as per it’s Creation Unit Size and then sell in market. Discussed here: Why does this arbitrage opportunity continue to exist?

Yes. That’s what I am saying. So it’s possible. Even after considering all incidental costs I think there will be some gain.
If I can think of it, I am sure many big players would have already done it. So why is this gap not filled. 5 percent difference is huge. I am sure I am missing something.

This is probably because iNAV isn’t updated by the exchange. You can check this for NiftyBees here. On AMC website it is available here.


But why can’t console take same values as in kite?

This is what we’re working on resolving. As I explained above, sometimes Console is picking indicative NAV (iNAV) for these ETFs.

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When can I expect this to be resolved?

We’re still working on this, Jason. Will update here once this is fixed. Btw, this does not affect the collateral margin you’ve received from pledging these securities.

Yeah. I get that. But it affects my portfolio level hedging, since my portfolio value is wrongly stated.
I do use index options to do the same.