Currency market is open till 5 pm ! Why can't cash equity future market be open till 5 pm?

Currency market is open till 5 pm !
Why can’t cash equity future market be open till 5 pm ?

Ohhh… so you are arguing, you may also wish if trading open for 24hrs!

I personally wish if trading Mkt open for 5hrs daily except weekend means 9am - 2pm only.
I never compare trading with normal 9-5 jobs.

Its people who doesn’t has personal/Social/healthy/peaceful life want these type of things I have also heard some news anchor who I strictly believe doesn’t love their family want to open mkt till 12 night bcoz they enjoy spreading nonsense, (I must say CUT the CRAP) .



Ok sir, any other requests???

Cuz market doesn’t give a shit about what you want and doesn’t care for anyone’s whims and wishes.


Indian cash market is one of the laziest systems in the world - 120+ holidays in a year. This increases volatility and on top of that the price swings by 5 paisa every tick instead of 1, as the market accumulates more volume even a 1 paisa swing can move large amounts of cash. The slackers responsible for making this system will one day crash the whole economy.

I mean : what is the logic that cash equity future market close at 3.30 pm ?
Why not 3.15 pm ?
Why not 3.45 pm ?
Why only 3.30 pm ?
What is the reason sense logic ?

Seems like comparing STOCK MKT with 24hrs Suppermkt / Departmental Store
:rofl: seems like mkt is ready to gave money to traders every part of 24hrs (JUST LIKE ATM) but we can’t able to take opportunity :joy:

I have nothing to say, just read what you write.


If it is open till evening , even working people can do trading after their job , this way trading addicts can go for work and also do trading and lose what they earn in job :stuck_out_tongue:


You must be fun at parties, you should try writing funny novels. You can become next Chetan bhagat

Guys to be frank trading extension is very good , but only concern here is liquidity , may be in 5 or 6 years , when the liquidity is very good , trading time extension is actually good thing.

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If liquidity is good , what is your problem if trading closes 3pm or 11pm. You are afraid you will over trade and lose what you earned ? :stuck_out_tongue: if you cannot control that urge , even if trading is there only for 3 hours , you will lose.

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SEBI approved it already , but only brokers dont want it , because their work time will be more and cost will be extra to maintain.

I completely agree with you . There is lot of things to be managed then just to press keyboard buttons to take a trade when trading as professional.
Don’t know why retail day traders want it otherwise as I think they are only part time traders and even there are big investors , brokerage firms ,institutions who will never agree for this.
By the way 3 pm closing time is also okay.

Haan…12 baje tak kar do timing…hum full-time traders toh qthiye baithe hai yahan…trading ke alawa aur koi life hai hi ni humari…

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