Currency market is open till 5 pm ! Why can't cash equity future market be open till 5 pm?


Currency market is open till 5 pm !
Why can’t cash equity future market be open till 5 pm ?


Ohhh… so you are arguing, you may also wish if trading open for 24hrs!

I personally wish if trading Mkt open for 5hrs daily except weekend means 9am - 2pm only.
I never compare trading with normal 9-5 jobs.

Its people who doesn’t has personal/Social/healthy/peaceful life want these type of things I have also heard some news anchor who I strictly believe doesn’t love their family want to open mkt till 12 night bcoz they enjoy spreading nonsense, (I must say CUT the CRAP) .



Ok sir, any other requests???


Cuz market doesn’t give a shit about what you want and doesn’t care for anyone’s whims and wishes.


Indian cash market is one of the laziest systems in the world - 120+ holidays in a year. This increases volatility and on top of that the price swings by 5 paisa every tick instead of 1, as the market accumulates more volume even a 1 paisa swing can move large amounts of cash. The slackers responsible for making this system will one day crash the whole economy.


I mean : what is the logic that cash equity future market close at 3.30 pm ?
Why not 3.15 pm ?
Why not 3.45 pm ?
Why only 3.30 pm ?
What is the reason sense logic ?


The beauty of the stock market is that it has nothing to do with your said things… you are free to trade however you want. 5hrs really? The beauty of the market remaining open 24 hrs is you could trade whenever you want and however long you want… in a job the timing is a must requirement, you couldn’t slack off but with trading you define your working hours… no one’s forcing you to sit in-front of the monitor the entire time the market is open. If you are a scalper how much longer you trade is up to you and if you are a swing trader it gives you more freedom and in case you are an investor I don’t think trading hours would bother you much. (Personally for me it would be a miracle if markets are open 24*7. I am a late riser and by the time I get by the menial tasks it’s already over noon. I place a few trades during market hours but I am not only into the markets, I watch movies do other stuff in-between etc etc. and once the equity markets close I move on to the currency, though I don’t trade often but I just like to look at the live charts and when they close I move on to the commodity, mostly crudeoil. Here too I am just a passive observer, I was active once but lately for over a year I just sit and enjoy the movement. You would say I don’t have a life but there are sat and sun for that and even if I have somewhere to go during the weekday’s, no one’s stopping me from doing just that because the market don’t have chain’s on me. I am in the market’s because I just like being there. There’s are no constraint’s like a regular job.)
And please don’t give me crap about the stress it put’s on the people working in the industry… There are shift’s for that matter and also most of the things today are automated. If the Forex markets can be open for longer duration I don’t think any excuse would suffice for our markets being not open for such amounts of time or even a quarter of that.

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Seems like comparing STOCK MKT with 24hrs Suppermkt / Departmental Store
:rofl: seems like mkt is ready to gave money to traders every part of 24hrs (JUST LIKE ATM) but we can’t able to take opportunity :joy:

I have nothing to say, just read what you write.



If it is open till evening , even working people can do trading after their job , this way trading addicts can go for work and also do trading and lose what they earn in job :stuck_out_tongue:


You must be fun at parties, you should try writing funny novels. You can become next Chetan bhagat


Guys to be frank trading extension is very good , but only concern here is liquidity , may be in 5 or 6 years , when the liquidity is very good , trading time extension is actually good thing.

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If liquidity is good , what is your problem if trading closes 3pm or 11pm. You are afraid you will over trade and lose what you earned ? :stuck_out_tongue: if you cannot control that urge , even if trading is there only for 3 hours , you will lose.

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SEBI approved it already , but only brokers dont want it , because their work time will be more and cost will be extra to maintain.


I completely agree with you . There is lot of things to be managed then just to press keyboard buttons to take a trade when trading as professional.
Don’t know why retail day traders want it otherwise as I think they are only part time traders and even there are big investors , brokerage firms ,institutions who will never agree for this.
By the way 3 pm closing time is also okay.


Haan…12 baje tak kar do timing…hum full-time traders toh qthiye baithe hai yahan…trading ke alawa aur koi life hai hi ni humari…

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:rofl: Not funny… but I am actually writing something. Been a long time though, since I have started again. Both trading and writing require lots of patience but both are worlds apart. Both are in a sense lonely profession and while writing demands you to be high with emotions, trading on the other hand want’s you to be devoid of it. Well who know’s what the future holds. (Another thing though, with all the novels I have read Chetan Bhagat is crap and I literally don’t want to become like him :joy: Chetan Fan’s no offense please). Anyway here’s a link for just a short story or the prequel of the book I am working on.
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And if you do read, please weep your hearts out and leave a review.

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Dude I am sorry if I have offended you in any way but it’s the truth, no bogus. I just like watching the market, how the chart unfolds in real-time and being in the market doesn’t necessarily mean I have to be an active trader all the time. Equity is fine and sometimes options are welcome and when the opportunity presents I get in the currency market. I am balant about it but hey that’s my routine and today I did wake up early (by my routine) but here I am just sitting typing this shit and eventually I have to go through the normal process and god I am hungry after yesterday’s debacle.