Custom stock screener

Hello guys,

please suggest some realtime free stock screeners where you can create custom scans based on candle Open High Low Close …


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yeah i use that , any other similar screeners with realtime data ?

or can try and check if with Mytsr login , whether it is useful for you .

5 min , custom stock screener , in Mytsr login

is it paid ?

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I think you can do in free version also some extent , pls check for that

On a lighter note You got to pay if you want to have customized screening types because you get what you paid for.

I really like @Tickertape screener. But it has lots of data error.

Does zerodha/rainmatter has invested in tickertape ?

We invested in smallcase, TT is related to smallcase.

Can you mention them?

So I was using screener and I add Net income filter and select companies which has net income of more than 1000 cr.

And I sort all companies by net income. It shows more than 3000 companies which has 1000 crore income.

Which is not true. So I scroll and randomly select a company when I open it. It has 7 crore market cap.
I haven’t checked its financial statements. So I don’t know error is just in filter results or in statement as well.

Let me check it and I will post it.

I search net income again in filter. It has two net income filter as you can see in below image.

Maybe the 1st one is given if someone wants to search profit with normal number value instead of crore or lacs.

Hey @anon1649903

This is not the experience we wish to deliver, our team is will look into this and we will update you once the issue has been resolved

Hey @anon1649903,

Our team suspect that the duplicate net income filter maybe a custom filter, could you please verify this?

If it’s not the case could you please reach out to us at [email protected] with your registered email ID and our team will further investigate this issue.

Yes. It was a custom filter. I created it when I wasn’t familiar with this feature.

I found screenshot of earlier version of your website.

Can you please bring back this design. Remove white space from both side.

I already created a topic regarding this.

Hey @anon1649903,

Thank you for writing to us! It has been brought to the notice of the concerned teams.

We appreciate your feedback.

@Tickertape any reason that pledged stocks are not included into portfolio analysis?

Hi @MayankMaheshwari ,

Thank you for writing to us. If you don’t mind, could you please elaborate on this? So that it would be easier for us to reach out to our concerned teams.

I think he meant promoter pledged stocks.

From the long list of stock screeners, choose the one which is not charging you a lot of money and providing you with much more features.