Discipline is coming to Indians

Record number of IPOs hitting markets to ENCASH the DEMO effect. Corporates learnt big lesson in raising debt from banks. Now raising through markets. It is good sign. mfs flooded with Cash every month which is driving IPOs.

We are still lower compared to US

This will put pressure on PSU BANKS further.

It is good for economy in the long run. Political lobying made easier for corporates to get loans from PSU BANKS which will not be possible henceforth. Raising through markets will become norm of the day.

As per this report we will have job opportunities in MFs. Techies should join short term courses on Financial Markets


This number is a bit misleading. Promoters have gained the most when it comes to IPOs this year.

it is not about who gained but investing in Market than Gold and Real Estate. that change in happening and in the coming years we will see more money will coming into markets that will be good for the Country.

no need to depend on FII for investments