Do not Opt for new age broker like Mstock

This zero brokerage/One-time brokerage might seem very enticing at the start but once you hop on to their services you will realise how unreliable they are, here I am talking about MSTOCK I.e

So many downtimes. random Logouts, very clumsy App UI.
Their web portal has one of the worst UI with broken CSS.
They still don’t have their own or have any tie-up with any of the desktop trading terminals also.

Today itself their service was down for the last 40 min and the odd thing has been the moment it hit 3:30 it started working.

Do not fall for paid post/promotion saying their service is awesome and all, stick with the broker which is there for a long time and is trusted.

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I use Dhan, have you tried it?

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Try Dhan or Finvasia.


Just how many demat accounts do you guys actually have?

only Dhan.

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Only their trade execution is quick , rest are way - beyond Zerodha , charts update is lagging, even the free Trading View chart is far better or superior than mstock TV charts, after logon ,if you are using their web portal , its gets hang!! in other words except trade execution rest of the services are far , far beyond Zerodha,

  1. AngelOne - inactive
  2. Zerodha
  3. Upstox
  4. Upstox - inactive
  5. Fyers
  6. ICICI Direct
  7. ICICI Direct
  8. IBKR
  9. IBKR - inactive
  10. Fivasia - inactive
  11. Dhan - just few days back
  12. Defineedge - just few days back

Why open so many demats? Different brokers offer leverage ? :thinking:. I don’t understand.

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Opening account is online and easy. Closing is harder than Sarkari kaam!
I opened each account at various point in time for various reasons.

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add espresso to your collectible list. No amc.

atleast we have someone who have access to all brokers.

I’ve account at Espresso. They charge ₹. 400 per year amc. Only first year is free

yeah right.

Had an account with Espresso last year, didn’t like the overall platform so closed it. Though its Bracket Order feature is great as you mentioned earlier, as it doesn’t slice the orders and executes as a whole.

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First saw espresso promotion in traders carnival last year maybe. Opened it, and then left it there as the platform looked too unappealing.

Then this last couple of months only, i found it perfectly suited my needs.

And since more than 40% of my trades are losses, no brokerage on losses is a soothing lotion.

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