Does Contract note include all the charges for the trade?

Does Contract note include all the charges for the trade?
Are there any charges or fees that are applicable but not shown in contract note?

all charges are included in contract note… but intrady autosqure off charges 20 rs per trade directly deducting from ur ledger balance

Hey @Neostar

Dp charges applicable when you sell your holdings are also not shown in the contract note. You’ll have to refer the ledger.

A contract note must include brokerage and all the applicable charges .some charges are compulsory as per rule and some are levied by broker based on client.DP charges are different and are levied by DP service provider . need information on auto square off charges as with my broker it is not there which means if i do not square off a position eod in cash segment it automatically results in delivery.

Ouchhh !!
Why can’t have all the charges shown in contract note?
It should be shown in the contract note please. Is zerodha hiding these charges from contract note intentionally?
Are the other discount brokers following same bad practices? When we are trying to learn about trading & loosing money, these tricks make us feel more frustrated.
I have been trading very small quantities looking at the contract note but these charges not shown in contract note is a shocker !! If you agree please put your thoughts too.


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DP charges are depository related charges, so can’t come on contract note which is exchange specific. Call and trade, AMC charges are not related to trades on the exchange and hence can’t be show on contract note. has everything.

Amc being annual charge may not be incurred. But, is there a rule which says dp charges, call & trade charges shouldn’t be shown in contract note? Zerodha can set a great precedence by these measures.

Contract note is between the trading member and the client. So yeah DP charges which is under depository (in our case a separate business) can’t be shown on it. Call and trade charges, we have been asked not to show on contract note.

Oh ok.
In that case can we get some daily xyz note which includes all the charges, fees, brokerages other than amc please?

Use Q bro

Please tell me what are call and trade charges and also amc charges by broker ? my broker do not levy any such charges except brokerage PLUS cgst ,sebi fee ,stt ,stamp charges .sgst and t.o. charges.

Explained here.

CASH SEGMENT only (1)No extra charges by my broker for telephonic order (2) i do not have to specify upfront ,if i will be squaring off or will take/give delivery .if the position remain open OED it automatically results in delivery . (3) what is AMC charges by broker ?

Zerodha charge for it, other brokers may recover those from charging higher brokerage.

It is based on the product type used to initiate trade.

The annual maintenance charges for the demat a/c.

AMC on demat a/c is by DP and not broker and surely can not be included in broker’s bill cum contract note. Other charges are broker specific and not prescribed by exchanges and perhaps that is why not included in contract note.Thanks for making me understand different prospective too.

Is there any way to see the final calculated value with all calculations at a single place, including all charges, those included in contract note and those not included too?

This is exactly what I want in my email everyday. And, a summary text message also.
Unfortunately, zerodha seems to be in no mood to do this. Because, mostly when people realise how much they are loosing in commissions, brokerages, charges they may trade less so it is not in zerodha’s interest.

Can we all demand for this please?

Already answered in middle of this thread, one can view all these in their Q as shown above.

Already exchange sends messages, broker sends contract notes and adding one more mail and message will be redundant.

Chuck of these are already present on contract notes, what are missing on contract notes contribute very little to total charges.Also we provide all the details in Q.