Does Zerodha provide support in selecting mutual fund scheme

As investor if I need any suggestion and consultancy for direct MF investment does Zerodha provide that service as they start charging 50 Rs after 25K cumulative investment…

Does Zerodha make any recommendation basis on their expertise to their customer that this MF investment is not doing well then switch the MF scheme and can I put entire amount of earlier MF in new scheme and then continue with SIP? or is there any way to effectively switch from one scheme to another without much hassle… .

Hi @Pravin_Thube
there are 3 suggested mutual fund than u can go with its available on

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Do i need to login in coin platform to see those recommendations? Because on home page without login couldn’t see those recommendations… And if those recommnded scheme not performing well then do you suggest to switch… Also these recommendations must be keep on changing with time then do Zerpdha recommend to hold existing investment and continue invsting… So basically does Zerodha give holistic view of investment like… Continue, Switch etc…

Zerodha does not provide mutual fund advisory services. They provide you with the Direct MF platform, the charts and returns of all the mutual funds listed on it and you’ll have to do some basic studies before you select and pick up mutual funds. This will also depend on your financial plan. There are loads of genuine recommendations online and some threads on Trading QnA too. The final decision to choose the MF has to be yours.

As Nithin said in one of the posts, “It is about teaching a man how to fish, rather than giving him one.”

You could also get in touch with a financial advisor if you’re finding it hard to select your MF.


Hi… Thanks for clarification on consultancy part but my one question remain unanswered about switching between MFs… It is advised to switch MF if it is not performing well but problem is that the accumulated units I need to redeem in whole but entire amount can I invest in another MF and then at same time start monthly SIP… how is it goes?

Yes, you can switch your mutual fund investment but you’ll have to do it manually. You can redeem all the units if you feel a particular fund is not performing, reinvest the amount in another performing fund and you can start an SIP in the new fund.

Do zerodha coin gives idea to pick mutual fund

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