Don't Buy BRFL Share, they are manipulating

BRFL (Bombay Rayon Fashions) is Fraud Company run by promoters and manipulators. Don’t invest your hard earned money in this fraud company. 90% shares bought by promoters and they can only sell, if you buy shares in BRFL, you can’t sell.

DON’T BUY BRFL (Bombay Rayon Fashions) SHARES. FRAUD COMPANY. 1000 Crores Scam.


A good initiative from your side to caution other trader/investors about fraud companies , here is one link about BRFL , already on Q&A Tipster SMS : Discuss and trade with caution

I was contacted BRFL today through phone and i said “i will complaint in police station”, immediately they opened normal trading for 10 minutes and bought all shares in sell order (total 30 lakhs shares). Again they locked in lower circuit. They are continuing misleading investors.

Don’t Invest in this company, only few people will earn by luck. The share price will go below 80-30 RS. After that they will send the price to upside and sell their own shares. You can’t sell in lower circuit.

You can’t sell in pre-market session or in open market, Because they are already adding 400,000+ shares before market opening. So, you can’t sell in lower circuit.

Sane ppl will never Buy in PONZI shares like these. Open the SNAP Quote and see (Pi) there itself you should get the stink of the scam.

Everyday atleast 4-5 SMS gets dumped on my phone, SAI BABA investments, etc etc etc… Buy 10k qty, buy 25k qty… Mental to think these will work SO easily, else you’d find your neighborhood zippin with RR’s

Wonder what Really does SEBI do abt these companies? how do they find their dealings, ethical ?. Sort a query on twitter, but i guess the SEBI twitter handle is just an announcer.

No need to even choose BLUE CHIP companies, there are a lot of good companies to trade even invest long term in. Just need a filtered, list some homework, and youll be on your way to the ATM.

But why did they wait so long its a very old company and listed since 2003 ?

It is having some debt troubles now

Also another rumor is its price being brought down as its candadiate for takeover

It has debt issue for a long time but why are they manipulating now not before ?

Maybe they now believe their business is finished, so as a last game, they moved price from 120 to 225, u can see on charts

Send SMS to retailers, promoter cash out

Then retailers enjoying ride from 225 to 20

Once such SMS tip game happens, it mostly means company is dabba now

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