Tipster SMS : Discuss and trade with caution

Getting multiple messages to buy BRFL. This may be another trap like STEELXIND.
Be careful !!!

The general rule is to avoid trading based on tips. Tips may be given over SMS, calls, TV channels.

Listing down all the stock for which fraudulent messages are sent.

  2. BRFL

Check the below links,

Looks like these messages bypass DND. Better to install SMS filter apps.


Thanks for bringing this to notice, I got this SMS today as well.

I too getting the same message, thank you for the post, i was searching for QNA about BRFL, i am getting message about BRFL , from last few days , If one check the chart , BRFL may drop 200 to 180 level , today till now BRFL was down by more then 5% , It seems some frauds or big traders wants to offload this stock

Similar messages were sent for STEELXIND. It has gone down from 130 to 38 hitting lower circuit every day. People who bought around 130 level are stuck and are unable to sell.

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Let’s not be the sheep.

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These spam messages are a big nuisance. Have to delete couple of such sms daily.

Even I got the same message and been getting the message form the same address. I am very new user and I haven’t shared my contact details with anyone except zerodha not sure how these guys get the numbers.

How do these companies get our mobile numbers?

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I think Zerodha shared our phone numbers. Or from NSE

I don’t think Zerodha would do something like that!
NSE, BSE, NSDL, CDSL quite possible.

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You can also read the links below:

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i received it in both my numbers .
one of the number is not linked with any broker , so problem lies somewhere else .

don’t think we can avoid this

It is difficult to trust any companies or any entities , here is the link for , how reputed companies are indulging in fraudulent activities

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Airtel and Reliance- the biggest cheaters.

Today BRFL further down by 10% no buyers , stock operates using SMS / Mail to dump stocks to retailers. , but Media is silent about BRFL


And it will continue falling every day.
Does SEBI take any action against these companies?

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I tried to short at 215 :smiley: but intraday trading is not allowed in this scrip :sweat_smile:

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:smiley: its a daring act , but try to avoid short , stocks with circuit limit , its better to do intra day in FNO stocks :slightly_smiling_face:

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SEBI does not do anything , until , unless any body post about BRFL on Facebook :slightly_smiling_face:

SEBI doesn’t do anything. Sometimes they even try to protect Big Brokerage houses even if they are at fault.

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