Effect of SEBI's new rules for Coin app

Will this new SEBI rule effect users using the COIN app? Will there be any effect on the AMC sip?

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Thanks for bringing in this question. Even i am eager to know answer for this

There will be a change for sure I guess. Till now, we receive this cash/ money (redeemed) not directly into bank account. It was credited to trading acc by the counter party. Zerodha is also doing the same. There is a counter party risk.
Probably after this there will be a change in mechanism.
( Correct me if I’m wrong, I might be wrong…idk).

@Bhuvan can you.

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We’ll post an update soon.

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SEBI is moving some good thing now a days to protect the retail customer ,
I send a email to SEBI ,happily i received a reply first time from SEBI , what i request in email means

Dear SEBI ,
please keep one Demat account to one PAN , and allow merge and demerge with any broker where ever we like to trade , if i want to trade with other broker i will clear all dues , i will demerge with current broker, and i can freely merge with other broker to trade ,

in this one the pan holder doesn’t want to hold different demat account , and if i am holding lot of securities its big headache to transfer one demat to another , please consider our request


SEBI replied we will consider the same


Its almost been a week and we have not got any update

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